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b̯wi̱janjanu̱n1flatness; state of being horizontal, level or in balance8.; without faults or weaknesses, exact and accurate, the best of its kind8.3.7.3Perfect

ki̱dwereeri̱hoadjperfect; the right shape and size of s.t.Synki̱kwati̱i̱ri̱ho8.3.7.3Perfect

ki̱kwati̱i̱ri̱hoadjperfect; the right shape and size of s.t.Synki̱dwereeri̱ho8.3.7.3Perfectder. ofkukwata2

ki̱i̱janjanu̱bi̱i̱janjanu̱n1flat; smooth surface without any bends or slopes8. straight object without any curves8.3.1.3Straight3perfect, healthy or well built living creature2.5Healthy8.3.7.3Perfect

kukwata2vsuit; be the right shape and size, esp. of clothes, shoes, etc.Synkudwa2, size8.3.7.7Right, properki̱kwati̱i̱ri̱hoadjperfect; the right shape and size of s.t.Synki̱dwereeri̱ho8.3.7.3Perfect