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azagabaazagan1disorderly person; s.b. who is not orderly2. who acts like a boy4. in behavior4.1.2Types of people3woman who acts like a girl4. in behavior4.1.2Types of people

muharabbubaharabbunArab; s.b. from the middle East or North Africa4.1.9.9Race4.1.2Types of people

muhyakabahyakanstranger; s.b. whom you do not know, or s.b. who is in a place that he has not been in before4.1.3Know someone4.1.2Types of people4.6.2.1Foreigner8.

mujungubajungunwhite person born in America, England or another country outside Africa4.1.9.9Race4.1.2Types of people4.1.4.1Social class4.6.2.1Foreigner

muntu akukolira mwihanga litali lyamwebantu bakukolira mu mahanga gatali gaab̯unexpatriate; white person born in America, England or other countries outside Africa4.1.9.9Race4.1.2Types of people4.1.4.1Social class4.6.2.1Foreignerder. ofihanga

mu̱gu̱u̱lu̱u̱su̱bagu̱u̱lu̱u̱su̱nold person; s.b. who has many years of age whose strength has reduced2.6.4Stage of life2.6.4.5Old person4.1.2Types of people2.6.4.4Adult

mu̱hi̱ndi̱bahi̱ndi̱nIndian; s.b. from India4.1.9.9Race4.1.2Types of people

mwanabaananchild; young human being below 18 years who is not yet an adult2.6.4.2Childmwana atadoori̱npremature baby2.6.4.1Baby2.6.3.6Unusual birthmwana atali na babyeru̱norphan; s.b. who has lost one or both parentsSynnfuuzi4.1.9.4Orphanmwana gwa mbu̱li̱nyoung goat that is not yet ready to fertilize or to conceive1. animals6.3.1.3Goatmwana gwa mbwenenpuppy; young dog that is not yet ready to fertilize or to conceive6.3.1.5Dog1.6.3Animal life cyclemwana gwa mpununpiglet; young pig that is not yet ready to fertilise or to conceive6.3.1.4Pigmwana gwa ntaamanlamb; young sheep that is not yet ready to fertilize or to conceive6.3.1.2Sheepmwana kicuucurunolder toddler; child who is slightly grown learning to talk2.6.4.1Baby2.6.4.2Child4.1.2Types of peoplemwana mukerenbaby; young child that is still sucklingSynnkerembe2.6.4.1Babymwana mutonchild up to 7 years; s.b. who has not yet attained adolescent age2.6.4.2Childmwana mutwekenillegitimate child; offspring who has been produced outside a marriage relationshipSynkitwekerano4.1.9.5Illegitimate child

mwana kicuucurubaana bicuucurunolder toddler; child who is slightly grown learning to talk2.6.4.1Baby2.6.4.2Child4.1.2Types of peopleder. ofmwana

mwanaalibaanaalinmarried daughter; title used by everyone from where a woman was born to refer to any married woman4., daughter4.1.2Types of people2.6.5.2Woman

mwi̱ragu̱ru̱bei̱ragu̱ru̱n1black person; s.b. whose skin is not brown4.1.9.9Race4.1.2Types of people8.; s.b. born in Africa4.1.9.9Race4.1.2Types of people

mwi̱zei̱zi̱bei̱zei̱zi̱n1stranger; s.b. who is not of a particular place, unknown in it but just comes and goes back again4.1.3Know someone4.1.2Types of people4.6.2.1Foreigner8.; s.b. who lives where he was not born whether legally accepted or not4.1.2Types of people4.6.2.1Foreigner