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firimbimafirimbinwhistle; instrument that is blown to produce a high sound in order to instruct or inform people about what is happening4.2.6.2Sports4.6.6.1Police9.6.3.3Prompters of attention

i̱yeinterjoh! hey! an exclamation of surprise3.4.1.3Surprise9.6.3.3Prompters of attention

maaya2interjused to show sadness or disappointment because of s.t. that you have done or not done3.4.1.3Surprise4.8.4.6Repent9.6.3.3Prompters of attention

okwetegereza?mukwetegereza?interjunderstand?; a question to ascertain if s.b. has understood what has been said9.6.3.3Prompters of attention 3.5.8Interpreting messages3.2.4Understand