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babi̱nyi̱nchoir; group of people who sing together, esp. in a church or public performancesSynbahi̱i̱mi̱bahi̱i̱mi̱kikwayakwaya4.2.3Music4.2.3.3Singder. ofmu̱bi̱nyi̱

bahi̱i̱mi̱mu̱hi̱i̱mi̱nchoir; group of people who sing together, esp. in a church or public performancesSynbabi̱nyi̱babi̱nyi̱kikwayakwaya4.2.3Music4.2.3.3Sing

hirii... ka kainterjIdiophone. sound made when starting a traditional ‘lu̱nyege’ dance, using rattles4.2.4Dance4.2.3.3Sing2.3.2.3Types of sounds

irakamarakan1voice; sound that comes from the mouth when s.b. is speaking or singing3.5.1.1Voice2sound2.3.2.2Sound3rhythm, tune, melody; one of the features of ‘kyembu’, i.e., the way a song can be sung4.2.3Music4.2.3.3Sing


kuzinaRunyorovsing; make musical sounds with your voice in the form of a song or tuneSynku̱hi̱i̱ma4.2.3Music4.2.3.3Sing

ku̱hi̱i̱mavsing; use the mouth to produce the sound of a songSynkuzina4.2.3Music4.2.3.3Sing

ku̱hyolya1vwhistle; make the closed lips a little bit pointed and inhale and exhale in order to produce a sharp sound4.2.3.3Sing2.1.1.4Mouth2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ku̱ku̱ngyavsing without pronouncing the words; sing with the lips open and making ‘ah’ sounds4.2.3Music4.2.3.3Sing

kwayakwayaEnglishnchoir; group of people who sing together, esp. in a church or public performancesSynbabi̱nyi̱bahi̱i̱mi̱4.2.3Music4.2.3.3Sing

kyembubyembunsong; words that are arranged in a melody that s.b. singsSynkizina4.2.3.4Musician4.2.3Music4.2.3.2Play music3.5.9.5Recorded music4.2.3.1Compose music4.2.3.3Singkikwatu kya byembundancing instrument, e.g., rattles, etc. musicmusala kyembunMetaphor. composer; s.b. who writes music4.2.3.4Musician4.2.3.1Compose music

lukaarankaaran1verse, line; small section of a song or of a chapter in a bible8.3.1.2Line4.2.3.3Sing4.9.3.1Sacred writings3.5.4.4Poetry2series; things done one after the other8., sequence8.1.1Numberlukaara lwa hakati̱naxis8.3.1.2Line8.1.2.1Mathematics

lwoli̱̱hyoli̱mpyoli̱nwhistle; high-pitched sound made by forcing breath out when the lips are closed4.2.3.3Sing2.1.1.4Mouth2.3.2.3Types of sounds

mabbwanlyrics; words uttered in singing a song that give the information contained in the song4.2.3.1Compose music4.2.3.3Sing

mu̱bi̱nyi̱babi̱nyi̱ndancer; s.b. who moves the body, in a lively way, following the sound of music4.2.4Dancebabi̱nyi̱nchoir; group of people who sing together, esp. in a church or public performancesSynbahi̱i̱mi̱bahi̱i̱mi̱kikwayakwaya4.2.3Music4.2.3.3Sing

mu̱hi̱i̱mi̱bahi̱i̱mi̱nmusician, singer; s.b. who sings, or plays a musical instrument, esp. in public4.2.3.4Musician4.2.3Music4.2.3.2Play music4.2.3.3Sing

mwami̱i̱ryabaami̱i̱ryansong leader, soloist; s.b. who leads a song4.2.3.4Musician4.2.3Music4.2.3.2Play music4.2.3.3Sing4.5.3.1Lead