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bambamabambanlungfish; black fish on the upper surface, whitish in the chest, without scales, with breasts and likes staying in the mud1.6.1.5Fish

b̯uluusemab̯uluusenlarge fish sp. with scales, with the body surface similar to that of a Yellowfish, rarely eaten and with an electric tail fin1.6.1.5Fish

bbi̱samabbi̱sanmudfish; dark fish without scales, with a fatty tail end that likes staying in the mud1.6.1.5Fish

bbu̱bbu̱mabbu̱bbu̱nfish sp. without scales, brownish with dark spots, with short pointed flesh on its mouth and that resembles an electric fish1.6.1.5Fish

dalamadalansmall fish sp. with scales that resembles a flying fish and is tasteless1.6.1.5Fish

geemumageemunsmall fish that grows into a Nile perch1.6.1.5Fish

gologolomagologolonsmall fish sp. without scales, that very much resembles an ‘irinda’ fish except smaller1.6.1.5Fish

ikeesemakeesensun-dried fish that is thinly split and lightly preserved with a little salt1.6.1.5Fish

i̱ri̱ndamei̱ri̱ndanfish sp. without scales that makes an extreme rumbling noise, esp. when it is caught in a net1.6.1.5Fish

kamadu̱lu̱kamadu̱lu̱nfish sp. without scales that resembles ‘gologolo’ and has much sticky substance on its surface1.6.1.5Fish

karu̱u̱kamakaru̱u̱kanfish sp. with scales with a split tail fin, that jumps up high as if it is flying1.6.1.5Fish

kasurubbanumakasurubbanunlarge fish sp. with scales, with the outer surface like that of a Yellowfish, rarely edible and has an electric tail fin1.6.1.5Fish

ki̱di̱hi̱bi̱di̱hi̱npiece of fish1.6.1.5Fish

ki̱si̱njamaki̱si̱njanlarge fish sp. with big scales, that resembles a flying fish with a big bone on the dorsal fin and a big split tail fin1.6.1.5Fish

laanyamalaanyancatfish; fish without scales, greyish and with a split tail fin1.6.1.5Fish

mbalwamambalwanfish sp. without scales, greyish, with a fatty part near the tail fin that is very like a catfish except that it is bigger1.6.1.5Fish

mmasi̱mmasi̱nsmall fish sp. with very small scales, a short mouth, and a very thin tail fin1.6.1.5Fish

mpohi̱mpohi̱nfish sp. with scales similar to that of a Yellowfish, very short and flat, with an even split tail fin and a small head1.6.1.5Fish

mposomposonfish sp. with scales and an even tail fin that jumps up as if it is flying1.6.1.5Fish

mpuutampuutanNile perch; fish with scales, large and long, with an odd tail fin (not split), a swim bladder and most eats other fish1.6.1.5Fish

mungalamingalansmall fish sp. that resembles a herring, has scales, does not grow big and children are fond of hooking or catching it in small nylon nets1.6.1.5Fish

murambamirambanthin flat piece of sun-dried fish1.6.1.5Fish6.4.5Fishing

mutontamitontanlong thin fish sp. like a snake with an extremely hard surface and rarely fished1.6.1.5Fish

mu̱hi̱ndu̱mi̱hi̱ndu̱nsmall fish sp. without scales, thin at the tail, (which is normally cut off if the fish is intended for sauce), and which resembles a ‘mmasi’ fish1.6.1.5Fish

mu̱holwemi̱holwenfish stew; sauce from a fish that has slightly gone bad1.6.1.5Fish5.2.3.4Prepared food
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