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bantumuntunpeople, society, community; men, women and children all together4Social behavior4.1.4Neighbor4.6.7.4Community

kibandabibandan1boat workshop; place where boats are made7. where people gather to watch football on screen, etc., assembly6.5.1Building4.6.7.4Community3rack for drying and keeping tobacco leaves1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest6. tobacco

mugongo2migongonvillage; area inhabited by people and of the lowest local authority statusSynkyaru

munyansibanyansincitizen; s.b. born in a country and who has all the rights to live in itSynmusinzaarwa4.6.2Citizen4.6.7.4Community5.9Live, stay

musibasincitizen, resident; s.b. born in a place where he has the right to settleSynmunyansinzaarwa4.6.2Citizen4.6.7.4Community5.9Live, stay

mwi̱cali̱bei̱cali̱nlong-term visitor, resident; s.b. who stays somewhere for a reason4.6.2Citizen4.2.1.4Visit4.6.7.4Community5.9Live, stay4.1.9.7Non-relative

nzaarwanzaarwaRunyoroncitizen; s.b. born in a place where he has the right to settleSynmunyansimusi4.6.2Citizen4.6.7.4Community5.9Live, stay