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ab̯ukiadv1two days before today; the day that was before yesterday8., today, tomorrow2two days from today; the day that follows tomorrowSynkyosi̱ mwakya8., today, tomorrow

AfirikaEnglishnname of a continent; Africa9.7.2.6Names of continents

Agutan1name of a mountain9.7.2.7Names of mountains2name of a person9.7.1.1Personal names

akukwatwahobakukwatwahonaccomplice; s.b. who helps s.b. commit a crime4.7.3Break the law4.3.4.2Help

akwi̱rahobakwi̱rahondeputySynakugweramuhondera4.3.4.2Helpder. ofmwi̱ra

alungualungun1creeping herb sp. that grows among grass its tips are eaten as greens1.5.2Bush, shrub2vegetable sauce made from ‘alungu’ a creeping plant sp. that has long fruit that are woolly like cotton5. from vegetables5.2.3.4Prepared food

Au̱su̱tu̱reeryaEnglishnname of a continent; Australia9.7.2.6Names of continents

azagabaazagan1disorderly person; s.b. who is not orderly2. who acts like a boy4. in behavior4.1.2Types of people3woman who acts like a girl4. in behavior4.1.2Types of people

babi̱nyi̱nchoir; group of people who sing together, esp. in a church or public performancesSynbahi̱i̱mi̱bahi̱i̱mi̱kikwayakwaya4.2.3Music4.2.3.3Singder. ofmu̱bi̱nyi̱

BabyasiMubyasinname of a clan9.7.1.3Clan names

BacopeMucopenname of a tribe9.7.1.4Tribal names