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idaaramadaaran1rank; line of positions in a job from down to up or level in the hierarchy of administration4.5.6Status4.5.6.2Low status4.5.6.1High status9.3.1Degree4.1.4.1Social class8.2.8Measure2stage in a process8.1.6.1Part6.1.2Method3level; relative position in a graded groupSynlulengu 1mu̱lembemu̱ti̱ndo24.5.6Status4.5.6.2Low status4.5.6.1High status9.3.1Degree4.1.4.1Social class8.2.8Measure4step; part of a stairway6.5.2.8Floor, storymadaaranladder6.7Tool6.5.2.8Floor, story7.2.2.4Move up

isubagimeisubaginside yard; at the sides of a house and not in front or behind8.6.3Side8.1.6.1Part6.5.1.4Yard

kipandibipandinside; either of the two halves of a surfaceSynb̯u̱ki̱i̱zi̱ 1rubaju 28.6.3Side8.1.6.1Partbya kipandinsome; certain members of a group or certain types of a thing, but not all of them8.1.5.1Some

ki̱jangi̱bi̱jangi̱n1branch; part of a plant that is attached to the trunk and on tips of which are twigs and leavesSynki̱taagi̱1.5.5Parts of a plant2component8.6Parts of things8.1.6.1Part

ndagalikandagalikancrumb, fragment; very small piece of s.t. that has fallen off a larger piece8.1.6.2Piece8.6Parts of things8.1.6.1Part

suuramasuuraArabicnchapter; different sections in a book3.5.7.2Written material8.1.6.1Part4.9.3.1Sacred writings