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bibbaakenfermented cassava or cassava and maize flour used for preparing alcohol5. preparation

b̯u̱myanfungus used in making beer or any alcoholic drink5. preparation

galani̱galani̱Englishngallon; metal container in which is put crude alcoholic spirits that is then put on the fire during the distilling process8.2.5.1Big container, volume6.7.7Container5. preparation

kijamibijaminbrewing pot with a wide opening, two holes on the sides, and in which is put water during the distillation process6.6.2.4Working with clay5. preparation

kitookibitookinbanana; food crop that has wide leaves and bears its fruit on a bunch5. from fruit6. bananas5. preparationkitooki ki̱tati̱mbwanyellow banana that is eaten when ripeSynkatookisukaali ndi̱i̱zi̱ from fruit6. bananaskitooki ki̱ti̱mbwanbanana that is eaten after it has been cooked5. from fruit6. bananas

ki̱syeka1bi̱syekancontainer in which brew-fermented cassava is roasted5.2.1.3Cooking utensil5. preparation

ki̱tu̱mbi̱̱tu̱mbi̱sabi̱tu̱mbi̱syaRunyoron1spice; ingredient that is added to food, esp. sauce5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5., leaven; substance that is added to bread before it is cooked to make it rise5. preparation

kuboogavferment; experience a chemical change because of the action of yeast or bacteria5. preparationku̱boogya itehevmulch; cover the ground with decaying grass in order to add nutrients to the soil6.2.2.3Fertilize a field6.2.2Land preparation

kubbaakavferment; mix dry cassava or maize flour with water as a preparation for brewing5. preparation

kutugiravadd water into the roasted contents for alcohol preparation out of which white liquor is produced5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation1.3.5Solutions of water5. preparation7.5.3Mix

ku̱syekav1fry; cook in hot fat or oilSynkukaranga5.2.1.1Cooking methods2mingle a mixture of dry cassava and water to make white liquor5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation1.3.5Solutions of water5. preparation7.5.3Mix

ku̱ti̱mba1var.ku̱tu̱mbavcook; prepare food by way of warming, boiling, frying, smoking, mingling etc.5.2.1Food preparation5.2.1.1Cooking methodsku̱ti̱mba maacivbrew; make a local alcoholic drink5. preparation

mahiiranimmature brew of alcohol that tastes sweet because it has not yet reached its final preparation stage5. preparation

mukusamikusansorghum; plant with a jointed stem like that of maize, bears millet like grains and is mostly used as yeast for an alcoholic banana brew5. from seeds5.2.3.1Food from plants1.5.3Grass, herb, vine5. preparation