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bicwocwokicwocwonreservations; mixed feelings9.4.4.6Unsure3.2.5.3Doubt3.4Emotion

kwerorongoni̱av1lament; have deep thoughts as a result of big problems3.4.2.1Sad3.2.5.3Doubt3.5.6.5Cry, tear2discuss; talk about s.t. with other people, esp. in order to make a decisionSynkubazaho 1kugaayagaayakuhanuura about a subject3.5.1.6Debate3.5.1.4Speak with others

kwesungavhesitate; feel unwilling or reluctant about doing s.t. or refuse to do it because you feel s.b. should first plead with you for you to do it8. to do something9.4.4.6Unsure8.

mu̱gu̱ru̱kyagu̱ru̱kyabagu̱ru̱kyagu̱ru̱kyandoubter; s.b. who is doubtful or dodging s.t.'t think so, doubt it

mwekengi̱beekengi̱ncritic, doubter; s.b. who examines detailed facts on s.t. in order to avoid mistakes in doing it3.2.5.3Doubt4.4.3.4Caution