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bihulungakihulunganchaff; outer covering of grain seeds that is separated from the grain by winnowing before it is eaten., remainder6.2.6.1Winnow grain1.5.5Parts of a plant

birangwakirangwanbeans; seeds from a climbing plant, from which the husks have been removed, that is eaten as sauceSynbi̱hi̱mba5. from seeds5. from vegetables1.5.3Grass, herb, vine6.2.1Growing crops1.5.5Parts of a plant

bi̱hi̱mbaki̱hi̱mbaRunyoronbean; seed of a creeping plant that bears fruit of different colours, e.g., khaki, red, white, etc. that is eaten as sauceSynbirangwa5. from seeds5. from vegetables1.5.3Grass, herb, vine6.2.1Growing crops1.5.5Parts of a plant

ikolomakolonroot; part of a plant that is underground that absorbs water and minerals from the soilSynlu̱li̱ki̱1.5.5Parts of a plant

i̱hwamahwanthorn; small part of a plant that is sharp and pointed and can pierce1.5.5Parts of a plant

kasigob̯usigonseed; part of a plant that is inside a fruit or that is planted1.5.5Parts of a plant

katimab̯utimanxylem, inner stem; small part of a tree that is inside in the middle of a tree running from the root to the top even in the branches1.5.5Parts of a plantkatima ka gaalinbicycle valve7.

kicweka kya rangi̱ kya kyakyobicweka bya rangi̱ bya kyakyonpetal1.5.5Parts of a plantder. ofkicweka

kihohonyolobihohonyolonbark; outer covering of a tree1.5.5Parts of a plant

kijumabijumanfruit; part of a plant that grows from a flower and that contains seeds5. from fruit1.5.5Parts of a plantkijuma nkubancreeping herb that bear longish fruit used by people to brush their bodies when bathing1.5.3Grass, herb, vine5.6.2Bathe

kikondobikondonstick; club that a herdsman uses to direct animals6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.7.1.1Poking tool1.5.5Parts of a plant

kikonombobikonombonbanana flower; part of a banana plant that swings from a bunch and is like a flower5. from fruit6. bananas1.5.5Parts of a plant

kikoorabikooranleaf; part of plant commonly green and growing from a branch, that manufactures food for plant1.5.5Parts of a plant

kikumba ntebikumba ntenbush vegetation with fibres that are used for tying structures6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.4.1Rope, string1.5.3Grass, herb, vine1.5.5Parts of a plant

kimerabimeranliving thing that has leaves, roots, and a stem1.5Plantkimera kilandanvine; plant that does not grow straight upwards but grows up on another or a long the ground1.5.3Grass, herb, vinekimera kya mpuulengrain crop5. from seeds6.2.1.1Growing grain6.2.6.3Thresh5. from fruit6.2.6.4Store the harvest1.5.5Parts of a plant

kimulebimulenplant that is grown for the beauty of its flowers that are attractive, or the flowers on such a plantSynkyakyo21.5.5Parts of a plant