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bisanlabour pain; birth pain that a woman feels when a baby is about to be born2.6.3.4Labor and birth pains

b̯u̱ru̱mi̱npain; feeling of abnormality in the body due to harm or sickness2.6.3.4Labor and birth pains2.5.6.1Pain4.4.2.6Suffer2.5.6Symptom of disease

kasumanfirst trimester labour pain that a woman feels when the pregnancy is about seven months before it is ready for delivery2.6.3.4Labor and birth pains

ki̱pampaati̱bi̱pampaati̱npain that a woman feels after birth2.6.3.4Labor and birth pains

kuheerav1push hard or breathe heavily in the process of delivering a babySynkwekiiniira 22.6.3Birth2cry of a woman during labour2.6.3.4Labor and birth pains