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bi̱ki̱i̱ri̱hovar.bikirahoadvmore than; a larger amount of s.t. than s.t. else or than is expected or than the usual amount8. a larger degree8.1.4More9.3.1Degree8.3Quality

b̯urungin1goodness, niceness; state of high quality that is acceptable and not bad8.3.7.2Better8.3.7Good8.3Quality2beauty; attractiveness2.6.2.2Attract sexually2. of valuableness, preciousness8.3.7.5Important8.3.7.9Value4state of high efficiency6.1.2.8Efficient5advantage; benefit that s.t. gives that is helpful and useful6.1.3.4Advantage

kipapurabipapurancredential; qualification that one has attained that makes them suitable to do a certain job8.3Quality6.1.1.1Expert3.5.7.5Record

kiragirobiragiron1law, order, commandment, regulation, statute; rule that is made and passed by the government of a countrySyniteeka4.7Law4.5.3.2Command4.7.1Laws4.6.4Rule2condition, requirement; rule or decision that everybody must abide by or agree to e.g. the terms and conditions of employment9.4.2.3Necessary 8.3Quality8.1.7.3Needkiragiro ki̱handu̱ kyeihanganset of rules that the government follows to direct people4.7Law4.7.8Legal contract4.7.1Lawskiragiro kyeihanga ki̱takarabi̱i̱rwehonbill of parliament4.7.1Laws

kizumbubizumbunringworm; infection that forms like spots on the skin of s.b.8.3Quality