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itehen1soil, mud, dirt; natural feature from where roots of plants, trees, etc. growSynbisaab̯utogodo1.2.2.1Soil, dirt6.5.3Building materials2plot of land6.6.6Working with land6.5.1.3Land, property1.2.1Land

kahi̱gab̯u̱hi̱ganland title stone planted by the land board at the boundary of a piece of land to show that such land belongs to a given person7.3.6.3Limit6.5.4.2Boundary6.5.1.3Land, property

kibanjabibanjanplot; small piece of land that is used or intended for a special purpose esp. for cultivation6.6.6Working with land6.5.1.3Land, property1.2.1Land

kibembubibembunpiece of land, of the same size or measurement, that everybody is instructed by government to cultivate for the purpose of food security so as to prevent an outbreak of famine in a country6.6.6Working with land6.5.1.3Land, property6.2.9Farmland6.2.1Growing crops1.2.1Landku̱ni̱hi̱ri̱i̱rya kibembuvprepare a field in order to grow plants6.2.2Land preparation

kibirabibiranforest; large area of very many trees and other plants growing closely together1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering6.5.1.3Land, property1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert1.2.1Land

kisakabisakan1very bushy plant or shrub with several stems creeping from one root1.5.2Bush, shrub2thicket; different plants intertwined together and very thick6.5.1.3Land, property1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert1.2.1Land

kisaahivar.kisaahebisaahin1playground, sports field; area specially prepared in which to play games such as football, athletics, etc., soccer8.2.5Big area6.5.1.3Land, property4.2.7Play, fun1.2.1Land2runway, airstrip; place where planes land and take off7.2.4.3Flykisaahi kya b̯ulemunbattlefield; place where a battle is being fought or has been foughtSynilwaniro4.8.2Fight4.8.3War

mubagamibagan1brown lateral line in the flesh of a herring1.6.2.3Parts of a fish2garden boundary; line that demarcates garden plots made out of reeds, sisal, or certain plants7.3.6.3Limit6.5.4.2Boundary6.5.1.3Land, property8.6.6Edge

mutaanumitaanunboundary, edge, border; end point of a place, e.g., a country, region, village, etc. that separates it from another7.3.6.3Limit6.5.4.2Boundary6.5.1.3Land, property4.6.7.1Country8.6.6Edge

mu̱si̱tali̱mi̱si̱tali̱n1long thin mark on the ground, esp. to show the limit or border of s.t., property8.6.6Edge2margin; long thin mark on a piece of paper8.3.1.2Line8.6.6Edge

ntandikontandikonorigin, initiation, beginning, source, foundation, basis, inception; first part of a series or an activitySynndugiro9.6.2.5Cause8.4.6.1Start something8. na mmaliiranlandmark6.5.1.3Land, property

ntandiko na mmaliirantandiko na mmaliiranlandmark6.5.1.3Land, propertyder. ofntandiko