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b̯unenevar.kineneadvmuch, many, lots, plentifully, mostly, intensely; not being in small quantities or s.t. done to a large degreeSynfo8.1.3.1Many, much9.3Very8.1.7.1Extra9.3.1.1To a large degree8.1.4More9.3.4Do intensely8.1Quantity8.1.5.4Most, almost allmu b̯uneneadvintensively; in great quantities or amounts9.3.4Do intensely

kwehagavincrease in volume; become greater or larger in size, e.g., when a balloon is filled with air7.5.2.3Add to something2.5.6.3Swell9.3.1.3To a larger degree8.1.7.1Extra8.2Big7.3.4.7Extend8.1.4.2Increase2.6.4.6Grow, get bigger

ngumira1ngumiranbonus; extra addition on what was purchased as an appreciation for buying7.5.2.3Add to something8.1.7.1Extra8.1.4More6.8.3.1Give, donate