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bi̱ki̱i̱ri̱hovar.bikirahoadvmore than; a larger amount of s.t. than s.t. else or than is expected or than the usual amount8. a larger degree8.1.4More9.3.1Degree8.3Quality

b̯u̱handu̱n1age; maturity, being mature or the period for which s.t. has existed8.4.1.7Era4.3.1.3Mature in behavior8.4.6.5Age2.6.4.4Adult2title, rank, status, seniority; position that s.b. has on the job, in society, etc.4.5.6Status4.5.6.2Low status4.5.6.1High status9.3.1Degree4.1.4.1Social class4.5.5.1Title, name of honor8.2.8Measure

idaaramadaaran1rank; line of positions in a job from down to up or level in the hierarchy of administration4.5.6Status4.5.6.2Low status4.5.6.1High status9.3.1Degree4.1.4.1Social class8.2.8Measure2stage in a process8.1.6.1Part6.1.2Method3level; relative position in a graded groupSynlulengu 1mu̱lembemu̱ti̱ndo24.5.6Status4.5.6.2Low status4.5.6.1High status9.3.1Degree4.1.4.1Social class8.2.8Measure4step; part of a stairway6.5.2.8Floor, storymadaaranladder6.7Tool6.5.2.8Floor, story7.2.2.4Move up

kukirav1surpass; do or have more, be to a greater degree or amount or be in excess of s.t. else8., win; conquer against s.b. in a war, competition, sports etc. b̯unenevbe a majority; largest part of a group of people or things, i.e. more than half of that group8.1.5.5Most, least8.1.5.4Most, almost allkukira maanivbe most of all; to the greatest degree8.1.5.5Most, least9.6.3.6Markers of focus9.3.1Degree8.1.5.4Most, almost all

lulenguvar.lulengondengun1level, standard, grade; a relative position on a scale or in a groupSynidaara 3mu̱lembemu̱ti̱ndo24.5.6Status4.5.6.2Low status4.5.6.1High status9.3.1Degree4.1.4.1Social class8.2.8Measure2measurement, unit, dose; size, length or amount of s.t.

mu̱lembemi̱lembenlevel, standard; a particular quality or a relative position in a scale of importanceSynidaara 3lulengu 1mu̱ti̱ndo24.5.6Status4.5.6.2Low status4.5.6.1High status9.3.1Degree4.1.4.1Social class8.2.8Measuremu̱lembe gukadeins.t. old fashioned that people don’t want8. fashioned