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bi̱nyaanni̱ndoki̱nyaanni̱ndonnasal mumbling; speaking words that are not clear in a way that appears as if one is talking through the nose3. poorly3. quietly

b̯uzumungwavar.b̯uzomongwanincoherent speech; a condition of uttering out funny words that have no sense and saying them loosely without any self control8., confused3. poorly3.5.1Say4.2.8Humor

kubbogobberavar.kubbugubbiravspeak with pauses without pronouncing words properly3. poorly3.5.1Say

kuhangiira1var.ku̱hangi̱ri̱i̱ryavtalk falsely; say things about s.b. that are not true or give false information about s.b.Synkupaatiika3. poorly3. a lie3. style3.5.1.4Speak with others

kuhwehwetavar.kuweweetavwhisper; speak very quietly so that other people cannot hear what you are saying3. poorly3. quietly

kujaajaamavar.kujamajamavstammer; speak with difficulty due to involuntary repetition of the first sound of words3. poorly

ku̱logoi̱zanavar.ku̱logozonavtalk gibberish; utter words that have no meaning or are impossible to understand while you are asleep or as a result of being possessed by spirits, or due to insanity or epilepsy3. poorly3.5.8.2Meaningless

ku̱mu̱u̱mu̱u̱tavmumble; speak or say s.t. in a way that is not clear3. poorly3. quietly

kweminga-mingavtalk while twisting the neck due to shyness, embarrassment, or shame9.4.4.6Unsure4.4.3.2Cowardice3. poorly

mu̱bbogobberi̱babbogobberi̱nstammerer, stutterer; s.b. who speaks with difficulty, repeating sounds or words before saying the correct thing3. poorly

nkabbunkabbunrude reply; negative oral response that shows no respect at all to the recipient of the message4. standard9.4.6.1No, not3.5.5.1Obscenity3. poorly4.3.7.1Impolite

nni̱ndonni̱ndonnose, nostril; part of the body on the face, that is above the mouth, used for breathing and smelling2.1.1.3Nosewaabi̱nyaanni̱ndons.b. half-dumb who speaks unclear words through the nose3. poorly3. quietly

waabi̱nyaanni̱ndobaabi̱nyaanni̱ndons.b. half-dumb who speaks unclear words through the nose3. poorly3. quietlyder. ofnni̱ndo