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igyendero1magyenderonway; route leading to a place6.5.4.1Road8.5.2Direction7.2.4.6Way, route

kahanda kasu̱lu̱su̱lu̱b̯uhanda b̯u̱su̱lu̱su̱lu̱nfootpath6.5.4.1Road7.2.4.6Way, routeder. ofkahanda

kakungub̯ukungunspeed bump; heap of soil raised above the surface of the road to reduce the speed of vehicles6.5.4.1Road8.

kasu̱lu̱su̱lu̱b̯u̱su̱lu̱su̱lu̱nnarrow pathSynkahanda6.5.4.1Road7.2.4.6Way, route

kihandabihandan1track, path; route where animals normally pass6.5.4.1Road6.4.1.1Track an animal7.2.4.6Way, route2straight hair plaits; style of combing hair making it remain at each side that creates a gap in the middle like a path5.4.3.4Hairstyle2.1.5Hair5.4.3.2Plait hair

ki̱gi̱gi̱robi̱gi̱gi̱ron1deformity or rough formation, e.g., a fold or a hole, in the surface of s.t. e.g., pothole in a road8.3.2.2Rough8.6.4.1Outer part2potholeSynki̱i̱nei̱na6.5.4.1Road1.2.1.5Underground

ki̱i̱ru̱kabi̱i̱ru̱kanvehicle; device such as a car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. used for transport from one place to another7. bi̱i̱ru̱kantraffic6.5.4.1Road

kolasikolasintarmac; road made of stones mixed with tar6.5.4.1Road

kyapabyapan1sign, signpost; words or pictures on a piece of paper, wood or metal in order to direct people6.5.4.1Road7.2.4.8Map3.5.6Sign, symbol3.5.8.4Show, indicate2stain, mark; irregular-shaped small area of dirt, a spot or a cut on a surface that spoils its appearanceSynkibbaati7.7.7Mark8. color, marking5.6.1Clean, dirty8. color8., logo, label; picture for a given brand or a written or printed symbol that is used as a sign of s.t., e.g., the quality of s.t. or who made or owns it etc.7.7.7Mark3.5.6Sign, symbol4scar; recognisable cut on the skin that spoils its appearance, but that can be used as an identifying markSynlaama color, marking5.4.6Ritual scar2.5.3Injure2.1.4Skin

kyerookobyerookon1nook; corner e.g. in a lake, house, etc. that is sheltered or hidden from other people8. of things6.5.2.7Room8.6.6Edge2a hole in a tree1.6.5Animal home8.

lu̱ti̱ndonti̱ndonbridge; structure that is made over a road, a river, etc. so that people or vehicles can cross6.5.4.1Road1.3.1.3River

masangananziravar.masangaanincrossroads, intersection, junction; place where two or more routes meet6.5.4.1Road

muhandamihandanpath, street; track or a place that is made for people or vehicles to pass throughSynnzira6.5.4.1Road7.2.4.6Way, routemuhanda gundinalternative9.6.1.2Or, either3.3.1.2Choosemuhanda gu̱kwi̱ngi̱i̱rya mundaninlet, opening, entrance; path through which s.t. can get into s.t.7.8.5Make hole, opening6.5.2.4Door7. out

nziranziranpath, track; way that is made by the action of people walkingSynmuhanda6.5.4.1Road8.5.2Direction7.2.4.6Way, route

ru̱gu̱u̱dongu̱u̱donroad; wide route that is made, esp. for vehicles to travel on6.5.4.1Road7.2.4.6Way, route