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b̯usirikalenmilitary, defence force, security personnel that are trained to fight for the defence of the territorial integrity of their country, e.g., army, navy, police etc. force4.8.3.6Military organization4.

difensibadifensiEnglishndefender; s.b. who plays defence in a game4.2.6.2Sports4., soccer

kisigaativar.kisagaatibisigaatiKiswahilin1fence; barrier made with poles and covered with papyrus mats, reeds, iron sheets or wire to keep animals or unwanted people out, e.g., around a house or at a disco danceSynlukomera4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defend6.5.2.1Wall8., wall2gateway6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.1.5Fence, wall6.5.2.4Door6.5.1.4Yard

kulingiirav1see, watch, look at; turn the eyes so that you see s.t.Synkufaho 1kulinda 1kuwoneera for, guard, look after; take responsibility for s.b. or s.t. care of something4. for5.8Manage a house7.4.5Keep something4. bya mu̱mei̱sovforecast, extrapolate; focus for what will happen in the future, esp. based on the prevailing situation3.2.7.3Predict

kulwanavfight; struggle physically with s.b. or shoot bullets at s.b.4.8.2Fight4.8.2.3Attack4. with7.7.1Hit3. to save s.b./s.t. in danger, e.g., death, pain, loss, etc. against something bad4.6.6.3Represent3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.3Persuade3.2.5.9Approve of something4.8.2.1Fight for something good4.7.5.4Defend against accusation2Metaphor. advocate, recommend; support s.t. publicallySynkuhagira 1kuheega 2kusemba14.8.2.4Defend4.8.2.2Fight against something bad4.6.6.3Represent3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.1Suggest3.3.3.3Persuade3.2.5.9Approve of something4.7.4.1Legal personnel4.8.2.1Fight for something good4.7.5.4Defend against accusationku̱lwani̱syav1fight4.8.2Fight4.8.2.3Attack4. with7.7.1Hit3. try very hard to do s.t. when it is difficult or when there are a lot of problemsSynkugada-gadakuguuguuzaku̱nyeega 2kupatakakupatikanakupoolookaku̱ri̱i̱tya1ku̱ti̱takuwaya-wayakwekambakwenyamula 2kwesabbula3.3.1.6Determined4.4.3.6Endure6.1.2.1Try, attempt6. hard3Metaphor. take a chance or gamble; try anything possible in the hope of being successfulSynku̱yi̱i̱ya4.4.4.8Risk6.1.2.1Try, attempt4.2.6.4Gamblingkwelwanahovdefend yourself; protect yourself from an attack or accusationSynkwesobooraho 2kwetongonaho4.4.4.4Save from trouble4.4.4.5Protect9.1.2.2React, respond4.8.2.4Defend3. against something bad4.8.2.1Fight for something good4.7.5.4Defend against accusation

kuwonav1see; become aware of s.t. by using the eyes3.1.2.2Notice2.3.1See2.3.1.1Look2visit; go to see s.b. or a place for a period of timeSynkub̯unga mu nkwihivsquint; see without fully opening the eyes2.5.4.2Poor eyesight2.3.1.1Lookkuwoneerav1care for, mind; look after s.b. who is sick, very old, very young, etc.Synkufaho 1kulinda 1kulingiira for, support6. care of something4. for4.4.4.1Mercy4.3.4Do good to4.4.4.2Show sympathy, support2. for a baby2. a child4.3.4.4Altruistic, selfless2guard; protect property, places or people from attack or danger4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defend6. care of something5.8Manage a house7.4.5Keep something4. visible; be in the open where everybody can see you2.3.1.5Visible2. at yourself, esp. through a reflective surface like a mirror2.3.1.7Reflect, mirror
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