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b̯ukama b̯wa hakati̱ncentral government; top most bureaucracy in a country that coordinates local governments4.6.3Government organization4.6Government4.5Authority4.6.5Subjugate4.6.3.1Governing body4.6.4Ruleder. ofb̯ukama

b̯ukungungovernment or administrative leadership; state of being a leader, e.g., a parish chief, sub-county chief, county- chief etc.6.9.1Management4.5.3Exercise authority4.5.1Person in authority4.6Government4.5Authority4.6.6.5Politics3.3.3.6Control4.7.1Laws4.5.3.1Lead4.6.4Rule

b̯u̱lemi̱ b̯wa bicwekanlocal government; lower administration beginning from the village level up to the district4.6.3Government organization4.6Government4.5Authority4.6.5Subjugate4.6.3.1Governing body4.6.4Ruleder. ofb̯u̱lemi̱

hansi b̯waadvcontrolled by, under authority of; what controls, governs or manages s.b. or s.t.4.6.1Ruler4.6.5Subjugate3.3.3.6Control4.6.4Rule

iteekamateekaLugandanlaw, order, commandment, regulation, statute; rule that is made and passed by the government of a countrySynkiragiro 14.7Law4.5.3.2Command4.7.1Laws4.6.4Rule

kiragirobiragiron1law, order, commandment, regulation, statute; rule that is made and passed by the government of a countrySyniteeka4.7Law4.5.3.2Command4.7.1Laws4.6.4Rule2condition, requirement; rule or decision that everybody must abide by or agree to e.g. the terms and conditions of employment9.4.2.3Necessary 8.3Quality8.1.7.3Needkiragiro ki̱handu̱ kyeihanganset of rules that the government follows to direct people4.7Law4.7.8Legal contract4.7.1Lawskiragiro kyeihanga ki̱takarabi̱i̱rwehonbill of parliament4.7.1Laws

kufugaLugandavrule; exercise authority over s.b. etc. with the power to decide how s.t. must be doneSynkulema24.5.3Exercise authority4.5.1Person in authority4.6Government4.5Authority4.5.2Have authority4.5.3.1Lead4.6.4Rule

kulema2vgovern, rule, manage; show authority in order to lead people in a place, a country, etc.Synkufuga6.9.1Management4.5.3Exercise authority4.5.1Person in authority4.6Government4.5Authority4.5.2Have authority4.6.5Subjugate4.5.3.1Lead4.6.4Rulekweremav1be independent; when s.b. has the freedom to organize thier own life, make thier own decisions, etc without needing help from others4.1.6.4Independent person4.1.6.2Set self apart4.5.4.7Independent2declare independence; for citizens of a country to gain self control from foreigners7.2.6.4Set free4.6.7.1Country4.1.6.2Set self apart4.5.4.7Independent

mutongolebatongolenvillage chief; leader of more than one village councils before a parish-chief4.5.3Exercise authority4.6.1.2Government official4.5.1Person in authority4.5.2Have authority4.5.3.1Lead4.6.4Rule
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