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byamundavar.byendanoffal; one of the body parts of the stomach2.1.8Internal organs5.

b̯udokanepiglottis; thin piece of tissue at the back of the throat that prevents food or drink from entering the lungs2.1.8Internal organs

b̯unkudankudanupper beginning part of the throat2.1.8Internal organs2.1.1.4Mouth

i̱ni̱hi̱mani̱hi̱nliver; part in the body that produces bile and cleans the blood2.1.8Internal organs1.6.2Parts of an animalkaata i̱ni̱hi̱nIdiom. first child born of s.b.Synmu̱zegei̱zo4. order

kameemeb̯umeemendiaphragm; muscle between the lungs and the stomach, used in breathing2.1.8Internal organs

kicweka kya mubiribicweka bya mubirinorgan; an internal part of the body2.1.8Internal organsder. ofkicweka

kinywabinywan1vein, blood vessel, artery; part of the body in which blood passes2.1.7Flesh2.2.5Bleed, blood2sinew; strong band of tissue in meat that is hard to chewSynkikwambara2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.7Flesh5. organs4tendon2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.7Flesh5.

kiweehuhulubiweehuhulunlung; part of the body in the chest used for breathing2.1.8Internal organs1.6.2Parts of an animal

ki̱ni̱erobi̱ni̱eronTaboo. anus; opening between buttocks through which faeces passSynki̱ti̱i̱ri̱2.1.8Internal organs2.1.2Torso2.2.8Defecate, feces

ki̱rokorobi̱rokoronoesophagus; part of the body through which food passes before it enters the stomach2.1.8Internal organs

ki̱ti̱i̱ri̱bi̱ti̱i̱ri̱nTaboo. anus; opening between buttocks through which faeces passSynki̱ni̱ero2.1.8Internal organs2.1.2Torso2.2.8Defecate, feces

lulamalan1intestine; one of the long tubes in the body that are between the stomach and the anus2.1.8Internal organs5. of an animal2uterine cord; tissue that connects the umbilical cord and the placenta2.6.3.2Fetus

lusigonsigonkidney; bean-shaped part in the body, that removes waste products from the blood2.1.8Internal organs

lu̱gi̱i̱si̱ri̱ngi̱i̱si̱ri̱nintestine; part of the bowel with a towel like structure where the faeces collect2.1.8Internal organs5. of an animal

ndulundulunbile; body organ on the liver with bitter greenish liquid that breaks fats2.1.8Internal organs

nu̱u̱ni̱nu̱u̱ni̱npart of the large intestine; fatty sack-like inside part of a body2.1.8Internal organs5. of an animal

taagumataagunpancreas; organ near the stomach with a leaf like structure that produces a liquid that helps to digest food2.1.8Internal organs5. of an animal