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kubandaaravdelay; not do s.t. until a later time or to make s.t. happen at a later time8. your mind8.

kwesi̱si̱gani̱avdo s.t. and feel unwilling or reluctant about doing it or refuse to do it because you feel s.b. else should do it3.3.2.2Refuse to do something3.3.2.4Willing8.4.8.2Slow6.1.2.4Work poorly3.3.1.7Stubborn

mpulaadvslowly; not fast or done quickly, but rather, taking a long time8.4.8.2Slow7. slowly

mu̱ni̱ngi̱ri̱bani̱ngi̱ri̱n1shy, reserved, reticent person; s.b. who is always unwilling to show feelings or express opinions3., timid3. little2tardy person; s.b. whose character involves being slow in responding to things8. poorly