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b̯u̱lu̱ngu̱lu̱ngu̱var.b̯u̱lu̱ngu̱n1space underneath a bedSynb̯udaate8.5.4.4Interval, space8., below5.1.1.3Bed8.5.4.3Space, room2veranda; platform with an open front and a roof, built onto the side of a house on the ground floor6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.2.1Wall6.5.2.7Room6.5.1Building

bbavar.bbaaramabbaEnglishnbar; house or room where alcoholic drinks are sold5.

bbarazabbarazanveranda; open front and a roof, built onto the side of a house on the ground floorSyntandaarwa16.5.2Parts of a building6.5.2.1Wall6.5.2.7Room6.5.1Building

garagi̱garagi̱Englishngarage; room for storing cars, motorcycles etc. or a place where such vehicles are repaired7.

habatambiranhospital, dispensary, health centre, clinic; building where sick or injured people are given medical treatmentSynirwaru2.5.7.4Hospital6.5.1Building

hu̱teeri̱mahu̱teeri̱Englishnhotel; building that has accommodation facilities, meals, and a bar that people pay for when they stay there5.2.1Food preparation7.2.4Travel5.2.1.5Serve food6.5.1Building

irwarumarwarunhospital, dispensary, health centre, clinic; building where sick or injured people are given medical treatmentSynhabatambira2.5.7.4Hospital6.5.1Building

i̱du̱u̱kamadu̱u̱kaKiswahilinshop; building or a room in which are things for sale that are displayed in shelves6.8.4.8Store, marketplace6.5.1Building

kibandabibandan1boat workshop; place where boats are made7. where people gather to watch football on screen, etc., assembly6.5.1Building4.6.7.4Community3rack for drying and keeping tobacco leaves1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest6. tobacco

kideerubideerungranary; food storage that is built like a hut, raised on poles, with a cover on topSynkigogamu̱di̱ri̱mutoogoolo5.2.1.4Food storage6.2.6.4Store the harvest6.5.1Buildingkideeru kya nsimbinbank; institution that provides various financial services, e.g., keeping or lending moneySynbbankaibiikiro lya nsimbi6.8.1.4Store wealth

kigangubigangunshelter; temporary structure supported with poles and roofed with tarpaulins, iron sheets or any local materials to provide shelter at a function4.2.2.3Celebrate6.5.1.2Types of houses6.5.1Building8.4.2.4Temporary

kigogabigogangranary; building where surplus food, esp. grain, is stored in times of good harvestSynkideerumu̱di̱ri̱mutoogoolo5.2.1.4Food storage6.2.6.4Store the harvest6.5.1Building

kikungubikungundeck, ledge; raised step or floor that is made all around under the veranda of a house beside the exterior wall6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.2.1Wall6.5.2.7Room6.5.1Building

ki̱nyu̱mbabi̱nyu̱mban1structure; construction6.5.1Building2chicken coop; hut for chickens1.6.5Animal home1.6.1.2Bird6.3.6Poultry raising6.3.6.1Chicken

kutara1vstart building a house or any other structure or building6.5Working with buildings6.5.1Building

looji̱looji̱Englishnlodge; hotel providing overnight lodging for travellersSynngoonyo4.2.1.4Visit7.2.4.1Travel by land6.5.1Building

lugongonkraal, animal pen; enclosure for cattle to sleep in1.6.5Animal home6.3Animal husbandry6.5.1.5Fence, wall6.5.1Building

mbi̱mbambi̱mbanstyle of a building; the way in which s.t. is built9.5.1.3Means9.5.1.4Way, manner6.1.2Method6.5.1Building4.3.9.1Custommbi̱mba gya muntunhuman figure; appearance of s.b.’s body8.3.1Shape2.1Body2Person2.

mbuga2mbuganoffice; room or a house where s.b. does his piece of work, esp. sitting at a deskSynofi̱i̱si̱4.6.6Government functions6.1.1Worker6.5.1Building6.9Business organizationmbuga gya biragironcourt; place where legal trials take place and where crimes are judgedSynkooti̱14.7.4Court of law

mutoogoolomitoogoolongranary; building where surplus food, esp. grain, is stored in times of good harvestSynkideerukigogamu̱di̱ri̱ storage6.2.6.4Store the harvest6.5.1Building

mu̱di̱ri̱mi̱di̱ri̱ngranary; food storage hut made of grass with a pole running through it and fixed into the ground used for storing food crops such as bambara nuts, peas, etc.Synkideerukigogamutoogoolo5.2.1.4Food storage6.2.6.4Store the harvest6.5.1Building

mu̱longooti̱mi̱longooti̱ntower, mast; tall metal tower with an aerial for a flag, television, telephone, etc.6.5.2Parts of a building7.̱longooti̱ gwa b̯wati̱nsail; sheet of strong fabric that the wind blows against to propel a boat through the water7. by water

ngoonyongoonyonlodge; hotel providing overnight lodging for travellersSynlooji̱ by land6.5.1Building
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