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bbaruhamabbaruhanwritten message usually put in an envelope and sent to s.b. material3.5.7.1Write3.5.7.7Letterbbaruha gikusaba mulimonapplication; written request for assistance, employment or admission3.3.2Request3.5.7.2Written materialbbaruha gya b̯ubyalwanofficial document that shows the date of birth of s.b. and the place4.6.2Citizen2.6.3Birth3.5.7.5Recordbbaruha gya kusomancertificate3.5.7.5Record

bboolupeenimabboolupeeniEnglishnpen; plastic or metallic instrument that uses ink for writing3.5.7.1Write

cookacookaEnglishnchalk; powdery stick usually white in colour used for writing on a blackboard esp. in schoolsSynnoono1 13.6.2School3.5.7.1Write

kalaamumakalaamuArabicnpencil; writing tool, thin like a stick, with a central black rod, used for drawing pictures or writing6.6.5.1Draw, paint3.5.7.1Write

kucuusa1vtick; mark s.t. with a tick to show that it is correct, confirmed, or really done3.6.7Test3.6.2School9.6.2.6Result3.6.5Correct3.5.7.1Write

kuhandiikavwrite; make letters or numbers, esp. by a pen or a pencil3.5.7.1Writeki̱teebeerwe mu b̯u̱handi̱i̱ki̱nrecord; information that has been put in written form3.5.3.2Information3.5.7.2Written material3.5.7.5Recordkuhandiika mu ngeeravwrite poetry; compose poems3.5.7.1Write3.5.4.4Poetryku̱handi̱ki̱syavregister; cause s.b.’s name to be recorded on an official list4.6.6.4Election3.5.7.5Record4. an organizationkwehandi̱ki̱syavregister; enter your name in a book4.6.6.4Election3.5.7.5Record4. an organizationlubbaahu lwa kuhandiikirahonblackboard; flat thin piece of wood or a smooth wall painted black or dark green where teachers write with a piece of chalk3.6.2School3.5.7Reading and writing

kuhandiika mu ngeeravwrite poetry; compose poems3.5.7.1Write3.5.4.4Poetryder. ofkuhandiika

kyomabyomanmetal, steel, iron; very hard mineral made from rock that is dug from deep underground and smelted in a furnace1.2.2.3Metal6.6.2.3Working with metalkyoma kikaahuuranlever6.7.8Parts of tools6.7.4Lifting toolkyoma kikwata mpapuranpaper clip6.7.5Fastening tool3.5.7.1Write6.6.3.3Working with paperkyoma kiswangrinder, mill; machine that crushes dry foods, esp. grains and turns them into powdery form6.7.2Pounding tool6.2.6.2Mill grain5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation6.7.9Machine5. in mortar and pestle7.7.6Grind5. flourkyoma kya meezi̱nborehole; device that is sunk deep in the ground and is pumped to provide water6.6.7Working with water1.3.1.4Spring, wellkyoma kya ntumbunhair clip2.1.5Hair5.4.1Jewelry

mu̱handi̱i̱ki̱bahandi̱i̱ki̱n1secretary; official in an organization, a group, etc. who deals with writing letters, keeping records, etc.; author3.5.7.4Publish3.5.7.1Write

noono1noonon1chalk; white-coloured stick that is like dry cassava used for painting walls of housesSyncooka3.6.2School3.5.7.1Write2whitewash; white paint6.6.5Art8. of the spectrum8., paint6.5.3Building materials8.3.3.3Color

nyugutanyugutanletter, character, grapheme; written or printed symbol representing a sound used in speech, the letters of the alphabet9Grammar3.5.7.1Write

rubaju lu̱mwei̱ lwa lupapurambaju ibiri za lupapuranpage; one side or both sides of a sheet of paper in a book or magazine, etc. and writing3.5.7.2Written material3.5.7.1Write6.6.3.3Working with paperder. ofrubaju

tai̱pu̱matai̱pu̱Englishntypewriter; machine that produces writing similar to print with keys that you press to make metal letters or signs hit on a piece of paper through a strip of fabric covered with ink3.5.7.1Write6.6.8Working with machines