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bbaruhamabbaruhanwritten message usually put in an envelope and sent to s.b. material3.5.7.1Write3.5.7.7Letterbbaruha gikusaba mulimonapplication; written request for assistance, employment or admission3.3.2Request3.5.7.2Written materialbbaruha gya b̯ubyalwanofficial document that shows the date of birth of s.b. and the place4.6.2Citizen2.6.3Birth3.5.7.5Recordbbaruha gya kusomancertificate3.5.7.5Record

bbaruha gya b̯ubyalwabbaruha za b̯ubyalwanofficial document that shows the date of birth of s.b. and the place4.6.2Citizen2.6.3Birth3.5.7.5Recordder. ofbbaruha

ibyaliromabyalironmaternity ward2.5.7.4Hospital2.6.3Birth

kawaalu̱lu̱b̯u̱waalu̱lu̱namniotic fluid; sac of fluid that first bursts when a woman is delivering and then is followed by the baby2.6.3Birth2.6.3.2Fetus

ki̱byeru̱bi̱byeru̱npostnatal; period after birth2.6.3Birth

ki̱bbyolobi̱bbyolonplacenta, afterbirth; bag like material from which a baby grows and that comes out after a baby has been born2.6.3Birth2.6.3.2Fetus

kubbusula2vgive birth with only one push without first struggling much because the baby is very small2.6.3Birth

kuheerav1push hard or breathe heavily in the process of delivering a babySynkwekiiniira 22.6.3Birth2cry of a woman during labour2.6.3.4Labor and birth pains

kukorav1do; perform an activity or a task9.1.2Do2kubba ku mulimo6.9.2Work for someone6.6Occupation6.1Workkukoleravwork for6.9.2Work for someone6.6Occupation6.1Workkukolirahovact instantlySynkubyokeramu8.; work together and be helpful to each other in order to achieve s.t.Synku̱kobyakwegwaganakwetegerezangana9.5.2.1Together4.3.4.3Cooperate with4.1.2.1Working relationship4.2.1Come together, form a group4.1.5Unity6.6Occupation6.1Work3.2.5.4Agree with someonekukoramwovreproduce8.3.5.6Copy2.6.3Birth2.6.3.8Fertile, infertile1.6.3Animal life cyclekukoramwo kintu b̯wa kandivredo, repeat; do or produce s.t. again or more than onceSynku̱b̯u̱u̱ni̱a3. hamwei̱vnetwork, do in unison; work together9.5.2.1Together4.1.2.1Working relationship7.5.2.1Link, connect4.1.5Unity6.9Business organizationkukoora mu mbwovalternate; work in turns9.1.2.6Change something8.̱koreseb̯wavbe employed; work for s.b., an organisation, government, etc.6.9.2Work for someone6.6Occupationku̱koresyav1use; make use of s.t. to do s.t.; give s.b. work to doSynkuha muntu mulimo6.9.2Work for someone6.6Occupation3exploit; overuse s.b. by taking advantage of their ignoranceSynkudiiriira 2kukamula 2kunywereera a personku̱koresya bya kuwonerahovexplain by simplifying difficult issues so that people can understand well2.3.1.4Show, let someone see3.6.1Show, explain3.5.8.4Show, indicate3. atakukoranunemployed personSynei̱cali̱i̱ri̱muntu atali na mulimo6.1.5Unemployed, not working

kusunguravpress the womb, so that a pregnant woman lies on her back in order to put the womb in its proper position2.6.3Birth2.6.3.5Help to give birth

kutoroogav1produce a stillbirth or miscarriage, when an animal is born dead2.5.4.5Birth defect2.2.5Bleed, blood1.6.3Animal life cycle2.6.3.3Miscarriage2.6.3.6Unusual birth2give birth prematurely; when an animal bears its young before the normal time of the pregnancy2.6.3Birth1.6.3Animal life cycle2.6.3.6Unusual birth

kwekiiniirav1defecate while strongly forcing the faeces out2.2.8Defecate, feces2push, force out; act of delivering that causes a woman to take in deep breathes in order to push out the babySynkuheera 12.6.3Birth

lu̱goyengoyencloth, linen; piece of material that is woven from the threads of cotton, etc.6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Clothlu̱goye lwa kulaalamunnightdress; piece of clothing that you put on while in bed so that you sleep comfortablySynnai̱ti̱5.7.1Go to sleep5.3.4Clothes for special occasionslu̱goye lwa ndanmaternity dressSynmateneti̱2.6.3Birth5.3.2Women's clothing

mateneti̱mateneti̱Englishnmaternity dressSynlu̱goye lwa nda2.6.3Birth5.3.2Women's clothing

mu̱byali̱syababyali̱syanmidwife; s.b. esp. a woman, trained to help women give birth to babies2.6.3Birth2.6.3.5Help to give birth2.5.7.1Doctor, nurse

nderenthe act of producing many children one after another without proper child spacing2.6.3Birth2.6.3.8Fertile, infertile

nyakabyeru̱banyakabyeru̱n1new mother; woman who has just given birth2.6.3Birth4., mother2Metaphor. Pleiades; a group of six stars that are together in the night sky and always shine very brightlySynnyamukaaga9.7.2.5Names of heavenly bodies1.1.1.2Star