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bbaabbababbaabban‘my father’; kinship term for father4., mothermwamwijwa bbaabbancousin; son or daughter to my paternal aunt4.

ma makabama makanmother, housewife, female family head; woman who is in charge of all the affairs of a family and a mother to the children of a home4., mother5.8Manage a house4.1.9Kinship

maamabamaamanmother; your own mother4., mothermwamwijwa maamancousin; son or daughter to my maternal aunt4.

mu̱byeru̱babyeru̱nparent; s.b.’s father or motherSynmu̱zei̱re4., mother

mu̱zei̱rebazei̱reRunyoronparent; s.b.’s father or motherSynmu̱byeru̱, mother

nyakabyeru̱banyakabyeru̱n1new mother; woman who has just given birth2.6.3Birth4., mother2Metaphor. Pleiades; a group of six stars that are together in the night sky and always shine very brightlySynnyamukaaga9.7.2.5Names of heavenly bodies1.1.1.2Star

waamaneenwabaamaneenwanparent of your child’s spouse; title that the husband’s father-in-law or mother-in-law uses to address the wife’s father-in-law or mother-in-law (i.e., title between the parents of a married couple), mother4.