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bbeeri̱ngi̱bbeeri̱ngi̱Englishnball bearing, of any shape7.

bbu̱reeki̱bbu̱reeki̱Englishnbrake; device for slowing or stopping a vehicle7.

garagi̱garagi̱Englishngarage; room for storing cars, motorcycles etc. or a place where such vehicles are repaired7.

gaalimagaalinbicycle; road vehicle that you ride by pushing the pedals with your feet while controlling the handle7. gya mwi̱cantrain; vehicle that moves on rails pulling a number of carriages in order to transport people and goods7. ka gaalinmetallic part of a bicycle pedal whose rubber part has got worn out7. kya gaalinpedalSynkiziginiro kya gaali7.


ihembemahemben1horn; pointed curved bone, usually in pairs, that grows on the head of an animal6.6.4.4Working with bone1.6.2Parts of an animal2witchcraft; a mixture of tiny pieces of horns and wood for the use of magic powers, esp. evil ones2.5.7.5Traditional medicine4.9.4.1Sorcerymahembe ga gaalinbicycle handlebars7.

irangamaranganspherical ball bearing; ring of small metal balls used in a machine to enable the parts to turn smoothly7.

kagulu ka gaalib̯ugulu b̯wa gaalinmetallic part of a bicycle pedal whose rubber part has got worn out7. ofgaali

kamunyekamunyentaxi; car driven by s.b. whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for moneySyntakisi7.

katebe ka gaalib̯utebe b̯wa gaalinsaddle; seat on a bicycle or motorcycle7. ofntebe

katimab̯utimanxylem, inner stem; small part of a tree that is inside in the middle of a tree running from the root to the top even in the branches1.5.5Parts of a plantkatima ka gaalinbicycle valve7.

katima ka gaalib̯utima bwa gaalinbicycle valve7. ofkatima

kaalyamakaalyaEnglishnbicycle carrier7.

kengerekengerenbicycle bell; round metal object on the handlebar of a bicycle that makes a ringing sound when hit by clicking on its button used esp. as a warning7. of sounds

kiziginirobiziginironsole, ball; part of the foot on which are toes that s.b. stands on2.1.3.2Legkiziginiro kya gaalinpedalSynkigulu kya gaali7.

ki̱hodobi̱hodon1Taboo. opening of the vagina2.1.8.4Female organs2.6.2Sexual relations2space inbetween a bicycle frame7.

ki̱i̱ru̱kabi̱i̱ru̱kanvehicle; device such as a car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. used for transport from one place to another7. bi̱i̱ru̱kantraffic6.5.4.1Road

kucuucuurav1stir up dust1.2.2.1Soil, dirt2drive or ride at a very high speedSynku̱tu̱u̱tu̱u̱la27.

kyaliiro2byaliironsplit bicycle tube put round the inside of a bicycle wheel to reduce friction between the wheel and the tube7.
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