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bbegeri̱mabbegeri̱nleopard; wild carnivore that resembles a cat, with a long tail and black and brown spotsPanthera pardus1.

gyenyamagyenyanhyena; wild carnivorous animal that resembles a dog and has stripes or spotsHyaena hyaena, crocuta crocuta1.

hi̱mbemahi̱mbenAfrican civet; wild animal that resembles a cat, of sturdy build, with a bushy body, short legs, a long bushy tail, greyish body with black spots and stripes and moves while carrying the head lowCivettictis civetta1.

jeeremajeerenWhite-tailed mongoose; wild animal, shaggy body, a long white haired tail, a long thin head, shut black legs and likes staying in bushesIncneumia albicauda1.

kajangumakajanguncat; small domestic carnivore, with soft fur that catches rats6.3.1.6Cat1. animal

kakalamakakalanfox; carnivore that preys on chickens1.

kamu̱ndagi̱makamu̱ndagi̱nserval; wild animal that resembles a cat, with long legs, a small head, black and brown spots and stripes and a short tailFelis Leptailurus1.

kaweesi̱mbab̯u̱weesi̱mbancat sp. with a very strong bad smell6.3.1.6Cat1.

kisolobisolonanimal; living creature that is not a bird, a fish, a reptile, a snake, an insect, a plant or a human being1.6.1.1Mammal1.6.1Types of animals1.6Animalkisolo kidya irungunherbivore; animal that does not eat meat1.6.1Types of animalskisolo kidya nyamancarnivore; animal that does not eat grass1. of animalskisolo kya kwamu̱gi̱ndomesticated animal such as a goat6.3.1Domesticated animal

kisolo kidya nyamabisolo bidya nyamancarnivore; animal that does not eat grass1. of animalsder. ofkisolo

mbwenembwenendog; domestic carnivore having four legs a long tail, strong and sharp teeth trained to protect a home and to hunt wild animals6.3.1.5Dog1. animalmbwene gidulunmale dog6.3.1.5Dog1. animal

musege1misegenwild dog; wild animal that resembles a hyena, with a slender, long body long legs, large rounded ears and a bushy white tipped tailLycaon pictus1.

nkaraazankaraazanSlender mongoose; wild animal, small bodied, short legs, a small head, a long tail, sharp curved claws and moves holding the tail high, often stopping to check for dangerHerpestes sanguineus1.

ntalintalinlion; wild carnivore that resembles a cat, is extremely fierce, and the male has a manePanthera leo1.

nghyewu̱interjIdiophone. cry like the sound of a hyena1. sounds

wondomawondonLarge spotted genet; small wild animal like a cat with black and yellow spots, a long tail with stripesGenetta tigrina1.