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b̯urungin1goodness, niceness; state of high quality that is acceptable and not bad8.3.7.2Better8.3.7Good8.3Quality2beauty; attractiveness2.6.2.2Attract sexually2. of valuableness, preciousness8.3.7.5Important8.3.7.9Value4state of high efficiency6.1.2.8Efficient5advantage; benefit that s.t. gives that is helpful and useful6.1.3.4Advantage

b̯wecu̱mi̱Runyoroncleanliness, neatness, tidiness; not being dirty or messySynb̯uyonjo5.4.5Anoint the body5.4Adornment5.6.1Clean, dirty4.3.6.2Tidy2.

kugera1vshine; be very smooth and bright so as to be beautiful5.4.5Anoint the body5.4Adornment8.3.3.4Shiny2.

kusemezav1please, appease; show interest in s.b. so that they feel happySynku̱sanyu̱kya3. with3.4.1Feel good3. for3.4.1.2Happy4.8.4.3Appease2purify, make s.t. pure by removing contaminants1.3.6Water quality7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed3clean; tidySynkuyonja4.3.6.2Tidy5.6Cleaning7.5.5Organize4beautify8.3.8Decorated5.4Adornment2.3.1.8Appearance5.1.2Household decoration2. something6operate, perform surgery; cut open s.b.’s body and remove a part that has a disease or to repair it2.5.7Treat disease

ku̱ti̱mba2v1decorate; hang or put s.t. on s.t. else to make it look more attractive8.3.8Decorated5.4Adornment2.3.1.8Appearance5.1.2Household decoration2. s.t. or make a public announcementSynkuranga hasyanu̱
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