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b̯ubbiilinstraightness; state of not being in a curve or at an angle, but in a straight line, or being in an upright positionSynb̯u̱terekereeru̱7.1.7Straight posture8.3.1.3Straight8.

bbi̱ri̱gi̱mabbi̱ri̱gi̱nplumb line8.

kujuumukavturn s.t. such that its open top part faces downwards and becomes hidden7.3.5Turn something7. on your stomach while facing down7.1.3Lie down

kwemereerya1verect; set upright, make vertical7.3.1.5Set upright8.

kwesimba2vbe upright, vertical8.

kyesi̱mbu̱adjupright, vertical8.

magelemuadjupside down; a way of lying on the back part of the body while facing up7.3.5Turn something8.̱gwa magelemuvoverturn7.3.5Turn something7.