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bboosobibboosonboulder; murram stone mostly used for making building foundations1.2.2.2Rock6.5.3Building materials

i̱hi̱ga2mahi̱ganstone; rocky substance in the ground, often used for building6.6.2.7Working with stone1.2.2.2Rock6.5.2.6Foundation6.5.3Building materials

lubbaalimbaalinrock; top surface of the earth that is as hard as a stoneSynmwandaara6.6.2.7Working with stone1.2.2.2Rock

luhulungumpulungunlake pebble; small round stone with a rough surface that is common in the lake or at the shores1.2.2.2Rock

mahi̱gai̱hi̱gancooking stones onto which is placed a cooking pan or any other thing while cooking1.2.2.2Rock5.2.1Food preparation5.5.7Fireplace5.2.1.3Cooking utensili̱hi̱ga lya ndagali̱nhailstone; frozen water like snow that drops down while it is raining1.1.3.4Snow, ice