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bbumbabbumbanpump; tool that is used to pump pressure or to spray6.6.7.2Conveying water1.1.2.1Blow air6.6.7.1Plumber6.7.9Machine

ki̱hwi̱jobi̱hwi̱jonpiston; part that is inside a pump and helps to push in pressure1.1.2.1Blow air6.7.9Machine

kuhunga1vblow; movement of the wind1.1.2.1Blow air1.1.3.1Wind

kuhuuhavblow; forcefully exhale air from the mouth1.1.2.1Blow air1.1.3.1Wind2.2.1Breathe, breath

kujugutavblow, fan, pump a fire; use a flat item to blow air to enable flames become bigger1.1.2.1Blow air1.1.3.1Wind5.5.2Tend a fire2.2.1Breathe, breathkujuguta kyomavforge; shape s.t. from a piece of metal by heating it until it is red hot6.6.2.3Working with metal6.6.2.2Smelting

kusokav1pump; put pressure into s.t. like a ball or tube using a pump6.6.7.2Conveying water1.1.2.1Blow air6.6.7.1Plumber6.7.9Machine2overload, pack in too much; put more of s.t. into a container than that container can carry7.3.2.9Push7.5.9.1Load, pile7.3.2.6Put in8.1.8Full8.2.7.3Wedged in, stuck

ku̱si̱i̱hya1vblow; of a calm wind with a low sound1.1.2.1Blow air1.1.3.1Wind

mwi̱cami̱i̱can1pressure; air that is pumped into s.t.1.1.2Air2smoke, fumes; grey, white or black gas from a burning material1.2.3.3Gas5.5.5What fires producekumalikamwo mwi̱cavdeflate; lose pressure1.1.2.1Blow air8.1.4.3Decrease1.1.2Air