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ji̱gi̱jamaji̱gi̱jancow; mature female of domestic cattle, bigger than a heifer6.3.1.1Cattle1.6.7Male and female animals6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals

kanyanab̯unyanancalf; young one of a cow6.3.1.1Cattle

kipeedebipeedenbiltong, jerky; thin flat piece of sun dried meat6.3.7Animal products5.2.3.2Food from animals6.3.1.1Cattle5.

kirengebirengenleg of an ungulate mammal, between the knee and the hoof, e.g., cattle, buffaloes, hippopotamus, etc., either on a live animal or meat that has been slaughtered6.3.7Animal products6.3.1.1Cattle5. of an animal

ki̱dyabali̱i̱syabi̱dyabali̱i̱syanstomach; one of the four parts of the stomach of herbivorous animals6.3.1.1Cattle5. of an animal

ki̱leeri̱bi̱leeri̱Alurnsteak; meat that is from the muscle of an animal that has been slaughtered for eating6.3.7Animal products5.2.3.2Food from animals6.3.1.1Cattle5.

konemakonenbullock, steer; animal that has been castrated so that it does not reproduce6.3.1.1Cattle6.3.8.2Castrate animal1.6.7Male and female animals6.3.1Domesticated animal6.3.1.7Beast of burden

mbaagi̱mbaagi̱nmeat gift payment; portion of meat given for skinning an animal6.3.7Animal products5.2.3.2Food from animals6.3.1.1Cattle5.

mugaasimigaasinmeat that is thinly cut lengthwise with a somewhat bigger layer and smoked6.3.7Animal products5.2.3.2Food from animals6.3.1.1Cattle5.

muhakumihakunudder; part of a female animal that has teats and in which there is milk6.3.1.1Cattle1.6.2Parts of an animal

ntentencow, cattle; domestic grass eating animal resembling a buffalo but smaller in size, with smaller horns than those of buffalo, kept mainly for milk and meat6.3.1.1Cattle6.3.1Domesticated animal6.3.1.7Beast of burden

numimanuminbull; mature male cow6.3.1.1Cattle1.6.7Male and female animals

nyamanyamanmeat; flesh of an animal or a bird that is eaten6.3.7Animal products5.2.3.2Food from animals6.3.1.1Cattle5.

nyananyananheifer; young female cow ready to conceive but that has not yet reached the size of a fully grown cow6.3.1.1Cattle1.6.7Male and female animals