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b̯ucekenweakness, lack of strength; not having energy in the bodySynb̯uhuuru person2.4.2Weak2.4.4Tired2.4Body condition

b̯uhuurun1weakness; lack of strength, power or determinationSynb̯uceke8.2.3.3Thin person2.4.2Weak2.4.4Tired2.4Body condition2state of a man being single2.6.1.3Unmarried

kugwerekeeravrest exhausted; sit or lie down due to extreme tiredness without wanting to wake up2.4.5Rest2.4.4Tired5.7Sleep

kujwaha1vbecome weary, tired; have lost strength due to working a lot2.4.4Tiredku̱jwahyavmake s.b. or s.t. tired so that it has no strength and is fatigued2.4.4Tired

kurohavbecome exhausted; get extremely tired and be without energy at all2.4.4Tired

kutwalwa b̯ulobe taken by sleepvMetaphor. fall asleep; be overtaken by sleepSynkwebbaka 1kwi̱b̯wa b̯ulo7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep2.4.4Tired5.7Sleepder. ofb̯ulo

ku̱jwahyavmake s.b. or s.t. tired so that it has no strength and is fatigued2.4.4Tiredder. ofkujwaha1

ku̱teesagaalyavbe extremely tired, fatigued; feeling as if you were beaten2.4.4Tired

kwehahamulavyawn; open the mouth wide, and breath through it, due to boredom or tiredness3.5.6.3Facial expression2.4.4Tired

kwesiihuulavdo s.t. but in a lazy, slow manner6.

muronfeeling of excessive sleepiness that can even make you fall sick if you don’t get sleep7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep2.4.4Tired5.7Sleep

mu̱jwahu̱bajwahu̱n1tired person; s.b. who has lost strength due to working a lot2.4.4Tired2nervous person3.