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b̯ucekenweakness, lack of strength; not having energy in the bodySynb̯uhuuru person2.4.2Weak2.4.4Tired2.4Body condition

b̯uhuurun1weakness; lack of strength, power or determinationSynb̯uceke8.2.3.3Thin person2.4.2Weak2.4.4Tired2.4Body condition2state of a man being single2.6.1.3Unmarried

kidogotoorobidogotooronweak person; s.b. with less strength or staminaSyntogolooto8.2.3.3Thin person2.4.2Weak2.5.6Symptom of disease2.4Body condition

ki̱nyeetu̱adjfat, obese; s.t. having too much flesh on it and weighing too much8.2.3.2Fat person8.2Big2.4Body condition

ku̱hoi̱mavgain weight, become fat; esp. of a baby8.2.3.2Fat person8.2Big2.4Body condition

kyemubyemunstature, physique; physical structure of s.b. e.g., tallness, shortness, thinness, etc.Synkyonko2.1Body2.4Body condition

kyonkoadjbig, large; being in good healthy condition as illustrated by big body volumeSynkyemu2.1Body8.2.2.2Tall2.4Body condition

mpolongoni̱evar.mpolongoni̱ompolongoni̱enweakling, feeble person; s.b. who is not physically strongSynmucekemuhuuru 2njwahe8.2.3.3Thin person2.4.2Weak2.4Body condition

mucekebacekenweakling, feeble person; s.b. who is not physically strongSynmpolongoni̱emuhuuru 2njwahe8.2.3.3Thin person2.4.2Weak2.4Body condition

muhuurubahuurun1bachelor; a man who has no wife2.6.1.3Unmarried2weakling, feeble person; s.b. who is not physically strongSynmpolongoni̱emucekenjwahe8.2.3.3Thin person2.4.2Weak2.4Body condition

mukootobakootonbig, large, fat person; s.b. with a large body volume8.2.3.2Fat person8.2Big2.4Body condition

mu̱gomoku̱bagomoku̱nfat, healthy person; s.b. who is not emaciated or who has put on weight2.5Healthy8.2.3.2Fat person8.2Big2.4Body condition

mu̱hoi̱mu̱bahoi̱mu̱nfat healthy baby that is big in size due to good health and is unlikely to become ill2.5Healthy8.2.3.2Fat person2.6.4.1Baby2.4Body condition

njwahebanjwahenweakling, feeble person; s.b. who is not physically strongSynmpolongoni̱emucekemuhuuru person2.4.2Weak2.4Body condition