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b̯ugwagwan1nuisance; rough self regard due to doing and talking unwise thingsSynkifaafa4. in behavior3., trait of lacking a sense of responsibility and not feeling accountable for your actionsSynb̯u̱hab̯u̱b̯utafayob̯utaganya3., irresponsible4.3.5.4Unreliable3.1.2.4Ignore4.3.3.2Not care3hopelessness3.2.7.2Hopeless

b̯u̱gadyanstubbornness, nuisance; act of interrupting s.b. who is trying to workSynb̯u̱tali̱bani̱zi̱b̯wendereerya3.

b̯u̱tali̱bani̱zi̱nstubbornness, nuisance; interruption of s.b. who is trying to workSynb̯u̱gadyab̯wendereerya3.

b̯wendereeryanstubbornness, nuisance; interruption of s.b. who is trying to workSynb̯u̱gadyab̯u̱tali̱bani̱zi̱

kajagarai̱revar.kajagaarun1impatience, irritability, irascibility; state of being excited, not relaxed and with strong emotion3.4.2.3Angry4.3.6.1Lack self-control3., self-indulgence; lack of self-control in behaviour4.3.6.1Lack self-control4. without restraint, mouthing off; making s.t. known to others in a way that is not acceptable to all, e.g., publicising s.t. in an exaggerated waySynb̯u̱horozi̱keera self-control3. a lot

kifaafabifaafannuisance, spoilt person; s.b. whose behaviour annoys other people, i.e., his behaviour does not conform to accepted moral values and standardsSynb̯ugwagwa in behavior3. a child4.7.9.4Discriminate, be unfair

kukwatwa ki̱ni̱gavMetaphor. be annoyed3. ofki̱ni̱ga

kusaalirwav1be disappointed, worried; be without happinessSynkuzingala3. bad3.4.2.1Sad2become annoyed3. ofkusaaliza

kuzingalavbe sad, annoyed for having been abused, beaten, not achieving a hope, etc.Synkusaalirwa
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