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b̯uhutavar.kihutaninjury, wound, harm; pain on s.b. or an animal’s body, esp. due to an accident2.5.6.1Pain4.4.2.6Suffer2.5.3Injurekukwata b̯uhutavmassage2.5.7Treat disease7.3.4.5Actions of the hand2.3.5Sense of touch7.3.4.1Touch

b̯ujunensorrow, torment; any feeling of great sadness because s.t. very bad has happened4.4.2Trouble3.4.2.1Sad2.5.6.1Pain4.4.2.6Suffer3.

b̯u̱ru̱mi̱npain; feeling of abnormality in the body due to harm or sickness2.6.3.4Labor and birth pains2.5.6.1Pain4.4.2.6Suffer2.5.6Symptom of disease

kisiraanibisiraaniKiswahilinmisfortune, bad omen; continual bad luckSynki̱i̱ra4.4.5Chance4.4.5.2Unluckywaakisiraaninunlucky, disadvantaged person; s.b. who was born naturally unfortunateSynwaaki̱i̱ra4.4.2Trouble4.4.2.1Problem6.1.3.4Advantage4.4.2.6Suffer8.3.7.1Bad4.4.5.2Unlucky

kizib̯ubizib̯unproblem; s.t. that is difficult to deal with or to understand4.4.2Trouble4.4.2.1Problem4.4.2.6Suffer

ki̱i̱rabi̱i̱ranmisfortune, bad omen; continual bad luckSynkisiraani4.4.5Chance4.4.5.2Unluckywaaki̱i̱ranunlucky, disadvantaged person; s.b. who was born naturally unfortunateSynwaakisiraani4.4.2Trouble4.4.2.1Problem6.1.3.4Advantage4.4.2.6Suffer8.3.7.1Bad4.4.5.2Unlucky

kugooleekwavar.kugoolookwavsuffer; be badly affected by a disease, pain, sadness, a lack of s.t., etc.Synkuwonawona4.4.2Trouble2.5.6.1Pain4.4.2.6Suffer4.4.5.2Unlucky

kugumira1var.kugumisirizavbe patient, endure, persevere, tolerate; wait for a long time or tolerate bad behaviour or difficulties without becoming angrySynkulindira 1kwetati̱ri̱i̱rya3.3.1.6Determined4.4.3.6Endure8.4.7Continue, persevere4.4.3.7Survive4.4.2.6Suffer4.3.1.5Patient7.2.7.3Wait

kuhutaaravbe injured, get hurt bodily, esp. in an accident2.5.6.1Pain4.4.2.6Suffer2.5.3Injureder. ofkuhutaaza

kulindirav1endure, tolerate, put up with s.t.; feel anger but not act on spotSynkugumira1kwetati̱ri̱i̱rya3.3.1.6Determined4.4.3.6Endure8.4.7Continue, persevere4.4.3.7Survive4.4.2.6Suffer4.3.1.5Patient7.2.7.3Wait2hope; expect and wish for s.t. to happen, esp. for a long time3.2.7Expect3.2.7.1Hopekya kulindirahontemporary solution, quick fix; s.t. that is done in an emergency situation but pending a permanent solution to the problemSynkya kwi̱ru̱ki̱i̱ra8.4.8.1Quick8.4.2.4Temporary

kurabahovby-pass or pass over s.t. and leave it behind or asideSynkwakala past, over, throughkuraba mu kintuvexperience s.t.; undergo6.1.8Experienced4.4.2.6Suffer3.2.2Learn9.1.2.1Happenkurabamuv1achieve; do s.t. and succeed6.1.3.2Succeed2move, pass, walk through s.t. from this end to the other end7.2.3.5Move past, over, through3revise; look again at work that you have done3. something8. via8.5.2Direction9. (of movement) past, over, throughku̱rabyavpass s.t. from one person to another7.4.1Give, hand to7.3.1.1Throwku̱rabyahov1help s.b. to be successful in a competition, interview, examination, etc.; deceive4.3.5.1Dishonest6.8.9Dishonest financial practices4.3.5.4Unreliable3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive6.8.9.2Cheatku̱rabyaho biragirovlegislate; make and pass laws4.7.2Pass lawsku̱rabyamu mei̱sovscan; skim, glance over s.t. quickly but not very carefully in order to get its rough picture3.5.7.3Read2.3.1.1Look
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