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b̯ujunensorrow, torment; any feeling of great sadness because s.t. very bad has happened4.4.2Trouble3.4.2.1Sad2.5.6.1Pain4.4.2.6Suffer3.

kiseege1biseegenbrokenheartedness, heartbreak; loss of weight and a miserable state caused by grief and sorrow when one has lost a dear one to death3.4.2.1Sad2.6.6.4Mourn

kizabirobizabironmourning; loud crying due to sadness and grief3.4.2.1Sad3.5.6.5Cry, tear2.6.6.4Mourn

ki̱kosi̱bi̱kosi̱n1string, thread, cord; small diameter string, used esp. for tying roof rafters, fish, meat etc. with cloth7.5.4.1Rope, string6.6.1.4Weaving cloth6.6.1.3Knitting2belt-like piece of cloth that a widow or an orphan uses to wrap around the head or around the neck down onto the shoulders while at the funeral as an identification that such a person is either a widow or an orphan2.6.6.3Funeral2.6.6.5Bury2.6.6.4Mourn

kutaagav1request, plead; ask for s.t. in a very obedient manner3.3.2Request6.8.3.4Beg3.5.1.5Ask3.3.4Ask permission4.8.4.2Make an appeal2yell, groan, scream; shout loudly due to pain, fear, anger or excitement3.4.1.3Surprise2.5.6.1Pain3., breath2.6.6.4Mournkwetaagavneed; have a requirement or need for s.t.

kuuravmourn; cry over losing s.b. who has died3.4.2.1Sad3.5.6.5Cry, tear2.6.6.4Mourn

kwanziiravcry in a way as if you are singing, esp. by mourners3.5.6.5Cry, tear2.6.6.4Mourn

kwinamavbow; bend the body a bit in order to give s.b. respect, esp. when greetingSynkwehi̱nyaho4.5.5Honor3. down7.1.9Move a part of the body7.1.5Bowkwinamiravpay last respects to a dead person2.6.6.3Funeral2.6.6.4Mourn

kwinamiravpay last respects to a dead person2.6.6.3Funeral2.6.6.4Mournder. ofkwinama

maaruncry, wailing; sound produced by mourners3.5.6.5Cry, tear2.6.6.4Mourn

muhitomihitonsorrow, grief; feeling of great sadness because s.t. very bad has happenedSynnganye3.4.2.1Sad3.

nganyenganyengrief, sorrow, sad feeling as a result of having lost s.b.Synmuhito3.4.2.1Sad3.