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b̯uli mwakaadvyearly, annually; after every twelve months8.4.1.1Calendar8.4.1.6Yearder. ofb̯uli

hamwakaadjyear-end; when the year is ending8.4.1.1Calendar8.4.1.6Year

kalendab̯ulendaEnglishncalendar; printed table that shows the days, weeks and months in a particular year8.4.1.1Calendar

kiro kya mweri̱biro bya mweri̱ndate; particular day of the month and the year8.4.4.1Plan a time8.4.1.1Calendarder. ofkiro

mahombookaadvEaster; remembrance of the death and the resurrection of Jesus4.9.7.2Christianity8.4.1.8Special days8.4.1.1Calendar