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b̯wi̱re2ntime; measure of the past, the present and the future that is in minutes, hours, days, etc.8.4.4Telling time8. of the day8.4.1Period of time8.4Timeb̯wi̱re b̯ub̯uadvnow, presently; at or from this moment, but not beforeSynhataati̱̯wi̱re b̯undiprosometime sometimes; not every time8.4.3Indefinite time8. pronounsb̯wi̱re b̯wa kampi̱ti̱mpi̱ti̱ndusk; evening time when the light has almost gone, but it is not yet darkSynkab̯u̱mbu̱ of the dayb̯wi̱re b̯wa kyamwinsinlunch time5.2.2.2Meal8. of the dayb̯wi̱re b̯wa mu̱mei̱sonupcoming, future time8.4.6.4Future8.̯wi̱re b̯wa mwinsinearly afternoon; time between midday and sunset8. of the dayb̯wi̱re b̯wangenfree time; leisure time2.4.5Rest4.2.9Holiday3. doing something4.2.6Entertainment, recreation3.3.4.5Free to do what you want4.2.9.1Free timeb̯wi̱re b̯wensei̱proanytime8.4Time8.4.3Indefinite time8.1.5.1Some9.2.3.2Indefinite pronounsb̯wi̱re kukyandawn; time of day when light first appearsSynmambya8. of the daykubaliira b̯wi̱revknow when is the good time to plan activity3.2.3Know8.4.4.1Plan a time8.3.7.7Right, properkulinda b̯wi̱rev1Metaphor. be punctual; do s.t. at the arranged or correct time without being late8. time2Metaphor. keep to the allotted time; stay within a time allocation8. timekuwonira b̯wi̱re mu lwi̱jevIdiom. wake up very earlySynkukeeraku̱zi̱ndu̱ka5.7.3Wake up5.7Sleepkya mwinsinlunch; meal that s.b. eats in the middle of the day5.2.2.2Mealmu b̯wi̱readvduring, throughout; s.t. happening over a period of time8. the time8. b̯wi̱rentime keeper; s.b. who is good at keeping time8.4.4Telling time8. time

kiro ki̱handu̱biro ki̱handu̱nspecial day or a public holiday3. daysder. ofkiro

kubbubbuganavsleep talk; utter words that have no meaning or are impossible to understand while you are asleep7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.2Dream5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep

kugwerekeeravrest exhausted; sit or lie down due to extreme tiredness without wanting to wake up2.4.5Rest2.4.4Tired5.7Sleep

kuhuumula1v1retire; stop working at a job due to old age or sickness7.2.3.3Leave8. something6., finish2.6.4.5Old person6. up6.1Work4. an organization2relax; rest esp. after work, effort or illnessSynkugandaaraku̱tu̱u̱ka23. posture3holiday; take a vacation3. dayskuhuumulahovnap, snooze, rest a bit; sleep lightly, esp. during day in order to get rid of fatigue3. to sleep5.7Sleepkwehu̱u̱mu̱u̱lyavgive yourself a short time off work in order to get rid of fatigue3.

kuhuumulahovnap, snooze, rest a bit; sleep lightly, esp. during day in order to get rid of fatigue3. to sleep5.7Sleepder. ofkuhuumula1

kulaalavlie; flatten yourself in a horizontal position, e.g., on a bed, a mat, etc.Synkwerambiika7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleepkulaala bakaabandivengage in adultery2.6.2.3Sexual immoralitykulaala nowonavbe sleepless; have insomnia for the whole night5.7.3Wake up3. on7.1.3Lie downkulaalirwa maacivhave a hangover; feel headache or sick due to having taken too much alcohol the previous day5.; hide and wait for s.b. or an animal in order to suddenly attack him or it4.̱laalyavtake s.b. who is dozing or who is asleep to bed so that he sleeps properly7.1.3Lie down5.1.1.3Bed5.7.1Go to sleep

kutwalwa b̯ulobe taken by sleepvMetaphor. fall asleep; be overtaken by sleepSynkwebbaka 1kwi̱b̯wa b̯ulo7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep2.4.4Tired5.7Sleepder. ofb̯ulo

ku̱jengavlean; put s.t. so that its weight is supported on s.t. else8., sloping7.1.6Leankwejengeravlean; rest on s.t. for supportSynkugogoma8., sloping3.

ku̱tu̱u̱ka2vrest; relax, sleep or do nothing after a period of activity or not use your body for some timeSynkugandaarakuhuumula1 posture5.7Sleep

kwebbakav1sleep; rest and be taken up by sleep without being consciousSynkutwalwa b̯ulokwi̱b̯wa b̯ulo7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep2Euph.die; pass away2.6.6Diekwebbakirahovfall asleep immediately7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep

kwehu̱u̱mu̱u̱lyavgive yourself a short time off work in order to get rid of fatigue3. ofkuhuumula1

muronfeeling of excessive sleepiness that can even make you fall sick if you don’t get sleep7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep2.4.4Tired5.7Sleep

ndaalandaalansleeping style; how people lie or sleep7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep

ruhuumurompuumulonholiday, vacation; period off duty to regain strength or relax the brain3. days