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b̯umbegan1snooping, sleuthing; act of spying4. a crime2investigation, probe; act of carefully examining the facts of a legal case, etc. to find out how it happened3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.5.1.5Ask3.2.2.7Willing to learn2.3.1.3Examine4.7.5.1Investigate a crime3.2.2.1Study

kigezubigezun1test, exam; formal written, spoken or practical test, esp. at school or college, to see how much one knows about a subject, or what one can do3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.6.7Test2.3.1.3Examine2attempt6.1.2.1Try, attemptki̱si̱i̱ka kya bigezunexamination room; place where a formal written, spoken or practical test is taken, especially at school or college, to see how much you know about a subject or what you can do3.6.7Test2.3.1.3Examine3.2.2.1Study

ki̱si̱i̱ka kya bigezubi̱si̱i̱ka bya bigezunexamination room; place where a formal written, spoken or practical test is taken, especially at school or college, to see how much you know about a subject or what you can do3.6.7Test2.3.1.3Examine3.2.2.1Studyder. ofkigezu

kubegav1investigate; examine carefully the facts of an event, a crime, etc. to understand how it happened3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.5.1.5Ask3.2.2.7Willing to learn2.3.1.3Examine4.7.5.1Investigate a crime3.2.2.1Study2spy; collect secret information about a person, country, organization, etc.Synkutata4. a crime

kukeberav1examine, inspect, investigate; go through s.t. in order to determine the truth and falsehood3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.5.1.5Ask3.2.2.7Willing to learn2.3.1.3Examine2.3.1.1Look3.2.2.1Study2check, mark; give grades to students’ work3.6.7Test3.6.2School9.6.2.6Result3.6.5Correct3diagnose2.5.7Treat disease3.2.2.3Evaluate, test2.3.1.3Examine2.5.5Cause of disease

kupenavlearn; gain knowledge or skill by studying, from experience, from being taught, etc.Synkusoma1kwega, be a disciple3.2.2Learn3.2.2.1Study

kuronzavtrack, trace; search for s.t. following a track or footprints7.6.1Search7.2.6Pursue6.4.1.1Track an animal6.4.1Hunt3.2.2.1Study

kusoma1vread, study, learn; look at and understand the meaning of written or printed wordsSynkupenakwega 23.5.7Reading and writing3.5.7.3Read3.2.2Learn3.2.2.1Studykusoma maapuvstudy a given map7.2.4.8Map2.3.1.3Examine3.2.2.1Studykusomeera mulimovspecialise in one work6.9.2Work for someone

kusuub̯ura2vverify, check; examine s.t. to see if it is correct, safe, or satisfactory, to find out if it is how it should be3.2.2.3Evaluate, test2.3.1.3Examine2.3.1.1Look3.2.2.1Study3.2.2.2Check

kuterekeerav1go straight, directly; move in a straight line or in one direction7.2.2Move in a direction7.2.2.9Move straight without turning2Metaphor. live a straight honest honourable life4.8.4.6Repent4.3.1Good, moral4.3Behavior8.3.7.7Right, properku̱terekereeryav1straighten; unbend s.t.Synkudambulakugoora 1kunuguurakurambiika8.3.1.3Straight2Metaphor. correct, put right; iron out a mistakeSynku̱ni̱hi̱ri̱i̱rya, test3.6.7Test3.6.5Correct3.2.2.1Study8.3.7.7Right, proper3.2.2.2Check4.7.5.3Accuse, confront3order, line up; arrange things in a straight line as per their sequence8., sequence8.3.1.2Line7.5Arrange8.3.1.3Straight

ku̱geryavimitate; do as s.b. else has done or to repeat exactly what s.b. has said8.3.5.5Imitateku̱geryahovtry, attempt; do s.t. well aware that you may fail to do it or you may not do it properlySynkulengaho6.1.2.1Try, attemptkya ku̱geryanexperiment6.1.2.1Try, attempt3.2.2.1Study

ku̱toolereeryavinvestigate, research; look for information about s.t. from different sources3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.5.1.5Ask3.2.2.7Willing to learn2.3.1.3Examine3.2.2.1Studykikorwa kya ku̱toolereeryanadventure3.̱toolereerya katalivmarket, advertise; tell the public about a product or a service in order to encourage people to buy or to use it3. transaction6.8.4.2Sell6.9.3Marketing6.9.4Commerce

kwegav1know; have a word or information in the mind due to the experience that you have, learning or being told3.2.3Know2.3Sense, perceive3.2.1Mind3.2.6.2Recognize9.4.4.2Sure2learn; get knowledge from studying, from being taught, from experience in s.t. or from hearing s.t. from s.b. elseSynkupenakusoma14.5.4.5Follow, be a disciple3.2.2Learn3.2.2.1Studykwegeb̯wavbe famous, popular, known by many peopleSynku̱ku̱ma3.2.3.1Known, unknown3. class4.3.1.4Reputationkwegesya1vteach, train, discipline; cause to learn3.6Teach3.3.3.2Advise3.6.5Correct4.5.3.3Discipline, train4.3.8Change behavior

kwekaanyavobserve; critically look at s.t. in order to understand it properly3.1.2.2Notice2.3.1.3Examine2.3.1.1Look3.2.2.1Study2.3.1.2Watch

kwekebei̱javar.kwekebeejavexamine, scrutinise, analyse critically; try to find out all the facts about s.t. in order to confirm s.t., test2.3.1.3Examine2.3.1.1Look3.2.2.1Study