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itoorens.t. that you do or use just once in a while8.

kwosavbe absent; not be where you are expected8.5.3.1Absentkwosoosavbe irregular; once in a while, not every day8.

kwosoosavbe irregular; once in a while, not every day8. ofkwosa

kyambaganizaRunyoroadj1special, unique; not ordinary or usual, different from what is normalSynkitongoolekyahu̱kanu̱; unusual or surprising, esp. in a way that is difficult to understand8.

kyeitooreadjrare; not done, seen, happening, used, etc. very often, and therefore valuable or interesting8.

kyosi̱1byosi̱ns.t. irregular; not everyday but missing some days8.

mbaganizaRunyoroadjunique; special; rare8. mbaganizanunique person; s.b. who is the only one of his kindSynmwahu̱kanu̱