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b̯undi na b̯undiadvprobably, likely; it might be true or false3.2.8Tendency9.4.4.3Probably ofb̯undi

kikusobokavar.kikusoboraadvpossible, maybe, perhaps; s.t. that can be done or achieved, that might exist or happen but is not certain to9.4.4Epistemic moods9.4.4.4Possible9.

kikwisana1advmaybe, possibly, perhaps; s.t. that might be except the truth behind it is not yet thereSynkikuhwanana9.4.4Epistemic moods9.4.4.3Probably; like, but not exactly the sameSynkikuhwanana8., similarkikwisana siyaadjexactly alike8.1.5.8Exact8., similar

kusobokavbe possible, viable; able to be done or to happen6.1.3.1Easy, possible9.4.4.4Possible

manyaadvmaybe; condition of being uncertain about s.t.; being doubtful about s.t.9.4.4Epistemic moods9.4.4.3Probably