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b̯utatiron1hardness, stiffness, brittleness, firmness; state of being solid, firm or stiff and difficult to bend or breakSynb̯u̱kangabalu̱b̯unyamaani 2b̯womeresenu̱, firm8.3.6.3Stiff, flexible8.3.6.1Strong, brittle2strength, stamina, toughness; state of not getting tired quickly or of having much energy in the body2.4.3Energetic2.4.1Strong3difficulty; state or quality of being hard to do or to understandSynb̯unyamaani 3b̯uzub̯u6.1.3Difficult, impossible7.5.8Simple, complicated4.4.2.1Problem9.4.4.9Impossible4selfishness6.8.3.3Stingy6.8.2.4Frugal4.

b̯u̱lemeseni̱avar.b̯u̱lemesyab̯u̱lemeezi̱n1complication, complexity; state of being difficult to understandSynb̯u̱talangani̱a6.1.3Difficult, impossible7.5.8Simple, complicated4.4.2.1Problem9.4.4.9Impossible2problem4.4.2Trouble4.4.2.1Problem3danger; situation that can injure, destroy or killSynkabi 1tabbu4.4.2.2Danger

kuhotokav1wither, shrivel; contract, of a plant when it is starting to dry6.2.5.2Crop failure1.5.6Growth of plants1.5.7Plant diseases2Metaphor. be in an uncomfortable condition e.g. due to poor economic condition, sickness, or hunger, etc.6.1.3Difficult, impossible7.5.8Simple, complicated4.4.2.1Problem9.4.4.9Impossible

kuzira2vbe forbidden, prohibited; be unable to do s.t. because it is a taboo for you to do it3.3.2.2Refuse to do something4. permission9.4.2.2Can't9.4.4.9Impossible