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b̯uryekiAlurnshrewdness; knowledge of how to cheat or con s.b.

kukopaEnglishv1mimic, imitate; copy the way s.b. speaks, moves, behaves, etc.; act in a dishonest way in order to gain an advantage for an examination3.6.7Test4.3.5.1Dishonest4.3.5.5Deceive6.8.9.2Cheat

kurabahovby-pass or pass over s.t. and leave it behind or asideSynkwakala past, over, throughkuraba mu kintuvexperience s.t.; undergo6.1.8Experienced4.4.2.6Suffer3.2.2Learn9.1.2.1Happenkurabamuv1achieve; do s.t. and succeed6.1.3.2Succeed2move, pass, walk through s.t. from this end to the other end7.2.3.5Move past, over, through3revise; look again at work that you have done3. something8. via8.5.2Direction9. (of movement) past, over, throughku̱rabyavpass s.t. from one person to another7.4.1Give, hand to7.3.1.1Throwku̱rabyahov1help s.b. to be successful in a competition, interview, examination, etc.; deceive4.3.5.1Dishonest6.8.9Dishonest financial practices4.3.5.4Unreliable3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive6.8.9.2Cheatku̱rabyaho biragirovlegislate; make and pass laws4.7.2Pass lawsku̱rabyamu mei̱sovscan; skim, glance over s.t. quickly but not very carefully in order to get its rough picture3.5.7.3Read2.3.1.1Look

kutega1v1set a trap when hunting or fishing6.4.2Trap7.2.6.1Catch, capture6.4.3Hunting birds6.4.1Hunt6.4.5.3Fishing equipment2open a hand or any other thing when you are asking for or receiving s.t.Synkub̯uulakukingula 1kwala3kwijula7.3.6Openkutega kateguvMetaphor. deceive s.b.; get s.t. from s.b. by means of a trick4.3.5.1Dishonest3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive6.8.9.2Cheat

kutega kateguvMetaphor. deceive s.b.; get s.t. from s.b. by means of a trick4.3.5.1Dishonest3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive6.8.9.2Cheatder. ofkutega1

kwecenjavbrag, boast, show off, be a hypocrite; pretend to be of a higher standard than you really are4.3.2.4Show off4.3.2.3Proud4.3.5.1Dishonest3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive

kwetwala1vboast, show off, be a hypocrite; raise yourself to a standard that you have not yet achieved4.3.2.4Show off4.3.2.3Proud4.3.5.1Dishonest3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive

magezi̱gezi̱nhypocrisy, deceitfulness; immoral character trait of pretending to have qualities, abilities, etc. that one does not really have in order to deceive others4.3.5.1Dishonest4.3.5.6Hypocrite3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive

mpirimpirinsnake; thin long animal that crawls on its belly, sheds its skin and lays eggs1. gintemeinterjIdiom. ‘I swear’, used when making a serious promise to do s.t. showing intention and a promise of telling the truth3. the truth3.5.1.9Promise4.7.5.7Take oath4.7.8.1Covenant3.3.2.1Agree to do something4.7.8Legal contract3.2.5.4Agree with someonempiri gya kisubi kyomunStripped skaapsteker; small pale brown docile snake, with fairly strong venom and with the teeth not designed for tearing or chewing but of catching s.t. so that it swallowsPsammophylax tritaeniatus1. gya lukomanGreen mamba; slender green snake with large eyes, undersides yellowish and rarely bites except for self defenceDendroaspis angusticeps1. gya mu kitabbunMetaphor. hypocrite; betrayer4.8.2.7Betray4.3.5.1Dishonest4.3.5.6Hypocrite3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive

ngu̱zi̱ngu̱zi̱n1corruption4.3.5.1Dishonest6.8.9Dishonest financial practices6.8.9.5Bribe4.3.5.5Deceive6.8.9.2Cheat2bribe; ; money or s.t. that s.b. gives as an illegal payment so that he can do or get s.t. that he wants6.8.9.5Bribe3money given to s.b. for the purpose of betraying4.8.2.7Betray6.8.9.5Bribekudya ngu̱zi̱vMetaphor. accept a bribe6.8.9.5Bribekugaba ngu̱zi̱vgive a bribeSynkugula
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