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b̯uzaananfemale slavery; treating of a woman as s.b.’s possession without allowing her to decide for herself4.5.4.3Serve6.1.1Worker4.5.4.4Slave

b̯wirunmale slavery; treating of a man as a possession so that he has no freedom4.5.4.3Serve6.1.1Worker4.5.4.4Slave

fu̱ndi̱bafu̱ndi̱Kiswahilin1tradesman6.1.6Made by hand6.1.1Worker6.5Working with buildings2carpenter, woodworker, builder; s.b. whose job is making and repairing wooden things, e.g., tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, etc.Synmu̱beezi̱6.1.6Made by hand6.6.3Working with wood6.5Working with buildings3tailor; s.b. who uses a sewing machine to sew clothesSynmu̱su̱nga kyeraanimu̱su̱ngi̱16.6.1Working with cloth

mbuga2mbuganoffice; room or a house where s.b. does his piece of work, esp. sitting at a deskSynofi̱i̱si̱4.6.6Government functions6.1.1Worker6.5.1Building6.9Business organizationmbuga gya biragironcourt; place where legal trials take place and where crimes are judgedSynkooti̱14.7.4Court of law

mu̱heerezi̱baheerezi̱nmale servant or slave4.5.4.3Serve6.1.1Worker4.5.4.4Slave

mu̱kori̱ wa kategebakori̱̱ ba kategenworkaholic; s.b. who works a lot6. hard6.1.1Worker6.1.2.3Work wellder. ofmu̱kori̱

mu̱kori̱ wa mulimobakori̱ ba mulimonemployee; person working for a company, an organisation, or a government for a salary or a wageSynmu̱kori̱mu̱pakasi̱6.9.2Work for someone6.1.1Worker6.6Occupationder. ofmulimo

mu̱pakasi̱bapakasi̱Kiswahilinlabourer, worker; s.b. who works for a wage or a salarySynmu̱kori̱mu̱kori̱ wa mulimo6.9.2Work for someone6.1.1Worker6.6Occupation

mwetweki̱beetweki̱nporter; s.b. whose job is to carry people’s loads6.9.2Work for someone7.3.1Carry6.1.1Worker6.6Occupation

mwirubeirunslave, male servant; man who is officially s.b.’s possession and does not make his own decisions4.5.4.3Serve6.1.1Worker4.5.4.4Slave