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b̯uzaananfemale slavery; treating of a woman as s.b.’s possession without allowing her to decide for herself4.5.4.3Serve6.1.1Worker4.5.4.4Slave

b̯wirunmale slavery; treating of a man as a possession so that he has no freedom4.5.4.3Serve6.1.1Worker4.5.4.4Slave

kuhambav1subjugate, overthrow; remove s.b. from power by force or to defeat s.b. by force4.6.5Subjugate4.5.4.6Rebel against authority2capture, enslave; abduct s.b. as a slave4. of war7.2.6.1Catch, capture7.2.6.2Prevent from moving4.5.4.4Slave3kidnap; take s.b. away illegally, esp. in order to get moneySynkugwera; force s.b. to have sex3.3.3.5Compel4.3.4.7Enter by force2.6.2.3Sexual immorality5hijack4. by force6.8.9.1Stealkuhamba b̯u̱lemi̱voverthrow authority; remove by force a leader or a government from a position of power6.8.9.4Take by force4.6.5Subjugate4.5.4.6Rebel against authority

mu̱heerezi̱baheerezi̱nmale servant or slave4.5.4.3Serve6.1.1Worker4.5.4.4Slave

mwirubeirunslave, male servant; man who is officially s.b.’s possession and does not make his own decisions4.5.4.3Serve6.1.1Worker4.5.4.4Slave