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isubagimeisubaginside yard; at the sides of a house and not in front or behind8.6.3Side8.1.6.1Part6.5.1.4Yard

kipandibipandinside; either of the two halves of a surfaceSynb̯u̱ki̱i̱zi̱ 1rubaju 28.6.3Side8.1.6.1Partbya kipandinsome; certain members of a group or certain types of a thing, but not all of them8.1.5.1Some

mutandamitandanshore, beach, river bank, landing site; boundary between a lake or any other water and the land1.3.1.1Ocean, lake1.3.1.3River6.5.4.2Boundary1.3.1.5Island, shore8.6.3Side8.6.6Edge