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kukeberav1examine, inspect, investigate; go through s.t. in order to determine the truth and falsehood3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.5.1.5Ask3.2.2.7Willing to learn2.3.1.3Examine2.3.1.1Look3.2.2.1Study2check, mark; give grades to students’ work3.6.7Test3.6.2School9.6.2.6Result3.6.5Correct3diagnose2.5.7Treat disease3.2.2.3Evaluate, test2.3.1.3Examine2.5.5Cause of disease

kutuliravinfect; spread a disease or illness to s.b.2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of disease

kutuura1vinfect, spread a disease; make s.b. sick2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of disease

ku̱hi̱mbavfall sick, become ill; feel sickness in the body2.5.1Sickku̱hi̱mbi̱syavtake care of; look after a patient2.5.7Treat disease4. forku̱hi̱mbyavmake s.b. or an animal fall sick2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of disease

ndugirovar.ndugiirondugironorigin, initiation, beginning, source, foundation, basis, inception; first part of a series or an activitySynntandiko9.6.2.5Cause8.4.6.1Start something8. gya b̯u̱seeri̱ndisease cause; sickness cause2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of disease

ndugiro gya b̯u̱seeri̱ndugiro za b̯u̱seeri̱ndisease cause; sickness cause2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of diseaseder. ofndugiro