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munyinghinyiminyinghinyi1nwingless white ant8. naked; not wearing clothesSynb̯usa 35.3.8Naked

musyangemisyangen1tusk; long curved tooth that protrudes out of the mouth of some animals, esp. an elephant2.1.1.5Tooth1.6.2Parts of an animal2ivory6.6.4.4Working with bone8. of an animal

noono1noonon1chalk; white-coloured stick that is like dry cassava used for painting walls of housesSyncooka3.6.2School3.5.7.1Write2whitewash; white paint6.6.5Art8. of the spectrum8., paint6.5.3Building materials8.3.3.3Color

nyamagoyebanyamagoyenalbino; s.b. born without the usual skin colour and having whitish hair2.5.4.5Birth defect1.6.1Types of animals8. birth